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We have the savage herself is here Kim Cam. What Up Kim Hager all Meka yeah. Farm is in the building some Mickael. MICO street. Justice Grass. The. Hey Veneta George Henry in the building. West going on. Shar out of our hey vesti. Morning. Nicole Harris is here helical. Thomas King is in the building one and Thomas. saw and they hey sauna. Tanya learned is here DJ is in the building what's up DJ? GAYDOS MR ONE EMOJI John Saying, Hey, marketeer Jackson, it's in the building Dj Bromine Roman. House Hey zero. Derek Evans is in the building. Shoutout to a Cynthia pelzer hager. Welcome back into. Yes Rat. John Cochran. is here hey, job A. Yoga that that and radio. Lee Scott belief in the building good morning and lead. Prentice cadillacs Hey. Good Morning Mr, Robinson. Who? Write. A Letter that that that's Rondo. was here. Hey, good morning. Shawn. Slackened Diane Hoh we've had Diane who is here. Valya. The beautiful wonder Santiago shepherds in the building warning wine die hello. SONGBIRD. Roughly is here. Hello Mark are- Good Morning Diane here I mean. History his your teeth, and there you go. Nice guy or yet piping hot for your girl yes. Shunned loggerhead is in the. Habitable. Good Morning Girls Shawna. This weekend? Hey. Sean. How are you girl death? No. Good. Time. Dino He. Shout out the deal we had a good time with was so good time. Did you have like which would happen your drinking we are Doing craze craziness or was it some regular good time glass of wine or did you walk around? What happened somebody's smash was what happened No nothing She came down. Where to where to New York. Oh. Okay. As she came down to see her mom. And I met up with her and her nephew I think her niece or nephew I was fine. How does I've never met Sean Logo? How does she looks any? You've never my shoulder I don't think. I've had I. don't remember that she's very beautiful. She's like my high route and she's Beautiful brands can shatter night her hair nice. Pulled back in Baden she did it herself. Now. She looks real cute. Yeah time. To we should take picture. Yeah he was at an event so she came stop by. It was good. Does she spend a night with you guys? Know. A shout Song Logan. Continuing. The heart is in the building James Mohawk. Oh, good morning to you. The show on Hayes Jones is in the building. Hey, girl shutout to Irene. Rizzo. Good Morning. Have a strong desire to.

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