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You're listening to the best of Todd and Don show, actually, my parts a little better than Todd's. But we're going to be live at five thirty you. Stay tuned. You're listening to the best of Todd and Don on NewsRadio. KLBJ? Have you seen the updates involving the former Baylor fraternity president and his plea deal? Jacob Anderson, we'll serve no jail time in a sexual assault case now under a plea deal after pleading no contest to unlawful restraint, the former Baylor. Fraternity President Jacob Anderson, we'll get three years' probation, and we'll have to pay a four hundred dollar fine. And we'll have to attend some mandatory counselling he will not be required to register as a sex offender, and he will not serve any jail time for taking a young lady who was drunk but out in the backyard of a fraternity house and aggressively and repeatedly raped her before leaving her there to die. She says in other words, he's getting no punishment. Absolutely. Not is not now, which tells me. Obviously, there are a lot of questions about this case a lot of things that just cannot be proven without a doubt something happened. Obviously something happened that night a lot of it can't be proven. What do you mean? What can't be proven? Well, I I don't know. I don't know the particulars of what can can or cannot be proven thing. I said was testimony in the courtroom and proven he raped her. Well, obviously there are big questions about that though. As far as with any kind of proof without a doubt though, because otherwise he would have been receiving some kind of punishment. He is getting off. He didn't deny it. Why is he getting off? That's the that's the question right there. No pun intended, the frat president at Baylor University. Yeah. Probably comes from a wealthy family. Well, now judge accepted the plea deal Monday that was offered to the former fraternity President Jacob Anderson after he pleaded no contest in a sexual assault case. That's not claiming you're innocent understand that. But at the same time, it sounds like there was no conclusive evidence regarding a lot. Of this. Or there were just major questions. I that is my gut feeling in exchange for being charged with rape. Andersen. Pleaded no contest to unlawful restraint. Now. Under the deal. Anderson gets three years probation pay the four hundred dollar fine. He will not register as a sex offender. He's got to go to a counselor judge. Ralph Strahl of the nineteen district court in McLennan county court Monday that he read all of the letters that were sent to him about the case. And he said he also kept up with what people were saying online. He says the social media comments on this matter. Well, intended, he said a lot of the comments came from people who were not fully informed or misinformed or uninformed Casey e end channel six reporter jasmine Caldwell was there at the McLennan county courthouse as the family left. The victim told the court that Anderson took her to a secluded area behind a tent near the frat house and violently and repeatedly raped her. She also said I had no control over my body. And no way to stop him. He dumped me face down in the dirt and left me there to die. This story has really taken off this morning in cyberspace upset about this. I imagine. So, but they're just saying conflicting evidence and statements exist in this case, making the original allegation, very difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. But says that is that his defense attorney says that mcclendon county district attorney released that statement show. I'm not I'm not trying to defend him in any way. I'm just saying that's what it appears to me. Because. All is this a case of she's lying about him. Is she lying? I I don't know. But it certainly tells me that they have big time questions, and maybe they don't trust all of her her allegations. All right jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five nine. I'm just trying to figure this out. I'm trying to figure out how plead no contest if you didn't do anything. Exactly. That's what I'm trying to figure out what happened here. Right her. I got it. But why is she getting listen to me? Why is he walking off without Todd because she got drunk? Okay. That's all I'm trying to understand. She got drunk. None of this. She got her. She got herself in a situation. She probably shouldn't have a lot of girls. Lot of boys and college get themselves both on both sides get them in this situation. This is a dangerous precedent, especially at Baylor University. It has a horrible problem or did in the past with football players assaulting students. You're listening to the best of Todd and Don on NewsRadio KLBJ right now. You're listening to the best of the Todd and Don show, but stay with us. We're live coming up at five thirty on NewsRadio KLBJ. Cloudy and mild today with a high of sixty eight it'll be cloudy and very mild tonight, a shower or two around with a low of fifty five from the weather center. I'm had I.

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