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Starting quarterback i say fit and giants fans well you know what i'm going to get to the giants on a save this one i think we have a lot to talk about and i and plan and i certainly have plenty to do on the giants paul schwartz from the new york post there's a fantastic job covering the giants he will be my guest that's coming up in the eleven o'clock eleven o'clock hour after the eleven 20 update so we'll get into a lot of giants topics bum save this one i have a good one on the giants i'ma say that for a little later all right because i want to one quick comment regarding all the hall of fame inductions and we can get to the people who were inducted on sunday today and congratulations certainly to adrian belle trey also who hit with it hit his three thousands major league baseball hit today but and congratulations former yankee former yankee the rack rock rains forgetting inducted tim raines into the hall of fame but i also wanted to take a moment than and also say i thought it was fantastic that veteran baseball writer claire smith was honored with the jg taylor spink a word on saturday and inducted into the hall fame she is the first female recipient of the g g taylor spink award for meritorious contributions to baseball rating and certainly as the one of the she was the first uh first female writer to be on a major league baseball beaten covered the yankees for the heart hurt for current back in the 80s and for her contributions and paving the way for so many others it was.

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