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Studios news talk eight three WCCO this is Minnesota's most trusted station for news sunshine now fifty nine degrees at six oh three I'm Steve Sampson both sides in Saint Paul are lining up expectations ahead of today's gambling in of a special legislative session on one side DFL lawmakers and governor won't leasing now is the time to take a stand against police brutality and racial injustice the platform calls for reforms the use of force police oversight and investigations prohibiting chokeholds and so called war your training and expansion of voter registration community healing and alternatives to policing St Paul representative Rina Moran says another issue was officers not living in or being invested in the communities they serve she compares it to the positive story she hears from lawmakers and residents outside the cities they live in a community known the families if I go to the same church but I tell you that is something that the black community wants to see and feel to the house public safety committee is meeting Saturday Sloan Martin newstalk eight threo WCCO in the Senate of course Republicans rule Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says bonding taxes and covert nineteen spending their priorities for now so what about criminal justice reform I think it's unwise to make decisions hastily but I am saying that education reform for inner city and criminal justice reform particularly focused on inner city is something that we have to to make sure we think about governor walls will be only Dave Lee at six fifty this morning and senator Gazelka at seven twenty here on WCCO demonstrators in downtown Minneapolis yesterday evening say the time to talk is long over they say now it's time for justice for George Floyd and others being mistreated within the system last night's rally organized by Floyd's friend and former NBA player Stephen Jackson Minnesota I'm not a leader my brother Justin Thompson my activists say the work is just getting started fourteen current Minneapolis police officers signing a letter condemning the actions of Derek children and saying they represent the.

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