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Wish some of the big mistakes they made wrong so so we we did so at least someone else and injury said that there were six hundred apps out there were we lost so six hundred different why maps already over an so so we are extremely proud folks what we wanna do is to build the best possible product and what we found out very rapidly was that the actual prior was the data what people want to get that magic moment you know when he told the picture and then when each had the data on solve there and we put all our focus on that and that's the vegetation like others took bats on the app looking amazing and then apple feature it because it looks amazing they're not there anymore and we focused on of data and thought that was the best possible way to to use a resource like doing a startup is about taking the few research and using them bright endure bright priorities era it seems also like one of the things that worked for you in the early days what you know what i've got it here front of me i wanna pause for a moment talk about my sponsor and then i'll come back in and say what i'm looking out which is an early version of your site the sponsor for everyone who knows me is a company called active campaign do no active campaign or my about to introduce you to them the and use them all right here's the deal behind acted campaign and i know that you've gotten some benefit i did a little research on you you guys at vedeno got some benefit from doing smart email and marketing and it's especially tough considering how you wanted to personalize your email for tons millions of people and by doing that right i heard from andrew chan that you guys got good growth hacche called it a thing is that for many people to do smart email marketing it means being aware of what people told you and down on their website in the past and it's been too difficult like if somebody watches one of my videos about starting a business and another one about starting a business another one about starting a business i shouldn't be sending a meal that how to grow your.

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