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Mid season pickup on a network. I would have fully believed there was an option where we did not get nominated at all. And I wouldn't let anyone take that from me 'cause it was like, guys, I just have to feel that way. Yeah, yeah. And still know that we did good work. But the thing about Abbott is, with all these accolades and everything, wonderful. I love them. I'm so grateful. What continues to be the most powerful to me is being able to have these fans, these people who genuinely enjoy watching this show. And they enjoy watching it with their families, and they enjoy sharing it. This week, there was a Comic-Con activation for Abbott, and I'm just my mind is blue. Yeah. I haven't even been to Comic-Con yet as a nerd, but my show has. And these people are, you know, showing up here, having a good time, getting merch, excited to find out which character they are and get their sticker, that if you continue to be, as I told you from before, I want to be able to it's about people for me. I don't, you know, just people, just people who work their jobs, their 9 to 5s, and they get to come home, and they watch one show with their family. And that's what I had with my family. And, you know, for me, still with my family, it's king of queens. Every time I go back home at night, wears down king of queens is at least on one of the TV Land or late night on one of the stations and that is important to me to be able to have created that for people. Is like, I've done my job in it wouldn't have mattered if we were nominated or not. I know that we are giving people 22 minutes of comfort. Yeah. Of laughter. Well, with our last two minutes, I wonder if I could just give you a couple of this is just sort of assorted random stuff. First, I want to get out of the way. The question I have to ask is a journalist. I have my own thoughts about this, but this thing with there's a woman who has now come forward and is claiming that she conceived of all this. Can you? You know, I can't talk about it. You know I'm legally not alone. Okay, but only to give you the chance if you wanted to S.W.A.T. it. I know, and I appreciate that. Honestly, I really appreciate it, but legally. We'll go to the next one. I wish I could. I would love to. Okay, next. How far along are you guys with season two? Anything you can tease about that because many of us are excited about that. I'm super excited about season two. As far as the writers room, we have the entire season laid out. We were fortunate enough to find out about a month ago now that we were getting 22 episodes, which was super exciting for us. We knew that we were ready. We were preparing for that already. Justin help her and my co producer, he already was starting to lay out the schedule so that we could, you know, be ready for 22 episodes. And so in the room right now, we're up to, we have 7 episodes written, we are the a is about to be written 9 and ten are outlined. And that's big. That's really fancy. We only started in, yeah, we're crazy for a long. We only started in May. To testament to the room to the writers to all of us. We have a really good handle on what the show is and it's not hard for us to write. And so, and I'm very transparent with my writers about where I want the season to go, which makes it easy. Well, I've heard you've kind of thought it out for years down the road of generally where it's where it's going, right? Yeah, I mean, roughly, like, yeah, I think, yeah, I think we can get a lot of bang for our buck with this show when I have ideas. But the thing is I'm never like super, super salad. I love my writers because they help me to make ideas bigger or smaller and that's the beauty of having a right. Just perspectives you need. So we're super, we just finished our first week of filming. And it was just incredible. I mean, it was just incredible to be back. The first day, my first scene was with Tyler and Tyler, a little rusty. Like, holy shit, I'm like, did I forget everything? And he's like, he's like, this is how it goes. You got to shake the dust off. We've been out talking about the show for so long. And not doing this show, but now we're back to doing it. And the first day, everybody just had to shake off the dust. And by the end of the week, it was like, oh God, we are so happy to be back straight up in the groove. Randall's block shooting the first two episodes and we're right back where we left off and it just feels incredible. Some of the things I can tell you is, now that we have these 20 episodes, there's opportunity to have arcs that, you know, we didn't really introduce an arc until the end of the first season, which was the superintendent in the funding for the school. That was kind of me testing the waters. Like, can my little show get away with a little arc? Will the audience react to that? Well, and they did. And so now you can expect some very cool arcs I think. Very cool. And then I think other than that, in the first season, we had these guests appearances that I think no one expected. I think you can expect more. That's awesome. It's really fun to play with the world that Abbott is. It's hyper realistic for Philadelphia, but also I play a little bit with the geography of Philadelphia, play with the, you know, what we can attribute what we can say is real life and what it's fun. And I think we're going to experience a lot more of that this year. I think the first episode is great. And I think people will see it again. They're not expecting. Yeah, so I'm excited. I really hope people like it. And I'm so excited to have more fun, like just fun episodes that, you know, aren't necessarily connected to anything. That's why art teacher last year was one of my favorites because it just existed. And hopefully we'll have

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