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In toronto news time nine thirty four jury selection and bill cosby's retrial is set to begin in two weeks a blow to the defense as the judge overseeing the case is allowing five other women to testify on alligators the comedian also drugged and raped them to why w suburban bureau chief jim melwert reports prosecutors say the additional accuser show a pattern of behavior by bill cosby but the defense argued the additional witnesses will simply enrage the jury james lyons has practice criminal offer thirty years starting as a prosecutor he says so called prior bad acts witnesses can be devastating for the defense but they can also hurt the prosecution a woman who testified firstround kelly johnston as prior bad acts evidence and it was atrocious my view i don't think it out when i think it hurt konovalov alliances the volume of witnesses with five other women set the testify will be a challenge for the defense johnson was the only accuser permitted cosby's initial trial last june that ended in a mistrial the jury was unable to reach a verdict cosby's accused of drugging a woman in this cheltenham in two thousand four molesting her while she was incapacitate jury selection is to start march twenty nights at the suburban bureau jim melwert kyw newsradio and now the latest on that deadly pedestrian bridge collapse in miami cbs news special report immense shoddiness controllable sadden mark rosenberg president of florida international university located next to the pedestrian bridge that collapsed today officials say four people have been found dead amid the tons of concrete and steel that fell onto a busy highway the bridge had just been arrested but was not open to foot traffic florida senator marco rubio wants an investigation of its design and construction we deserve to know in public deserves to know on the families of those women hurt and who lost their lives deserve to know what went wrong the construction companies are in the spotlight now cbs's jim axelrod mcm's president george museums of pride saturday about the quick installation of.

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