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Embellish am interested but it's going to be you know, can can you look Juju Smith Schuster in the eyes and see yes. I'm going to you know, I'm going to tow the company line. I'm going to be what you want to be. I think the the concept that busy Spell check sucks all the personality out of his players is a little over right Rob Gronkowski. Look, he's not the guy he is now in Tampa, but he was able to have a personality Tom Brady certainly social media page later Years in New England was able to have a personality which seemed like JC Jackson talks a lot. Yeah, we don't talk about it. But he what did he say before surgery training camp last year. I can cover anything else. He talked about Juju after that. He I don't remember that one. But I remember that I can cover anything. Yeah. Yeah, you know, he does talk a little bit Ginger tell us a lot though, you know, it's basically the whole, you know, Bill won't cuz he uses shows social media. That's overblown. I I do think there's an element of it to dancing on the logo stuff right bills not going to want that. The one thing he does one is bulletin board materials. So I think it comes down to conversation and basically, you know, his pitch to Juju is I can get the most out of you. You did a really good job growing your game I can help you with. Keep growing it, but you need to cut back somewhat on the social media. Does he believe we'll Juju agree to that and we'll build trust Juju to agree to that becomes the question but there are no Jews a special talent. He's not a unique talent. There are other guys for roughly the same price. We're going to give you roughly the same thing. They might not be as young but how many receivers truly get a second contract the Patriots. So that might not be something bills worried about but he can go elsewhere find guys who can give him the same production bill can who aren't going to be dancing on logos. So that might be, you know, kind of like the breaking point for that one. Yeah. That's the biggest thing. I think on the positive end for JuJu's first of all, he's got that great inside-outside versatility the.

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