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I love him when he gets an open space, but he doesn't catch the ball. At least he didn't in college arable in the NFL. So then that was that was the parents from the peanuts. Then then he was drafted by Tampa Bay and taking in this argument. Want want. Then he was drafted by Tampa Bay, and I was like, oh, man, that's a really good spot. He moved up my a little bit because the opportunity is there. Absolutely. Doug Martin is gone. But last night in Philadelphia. Andy, how did you describe the Tampa Bay? Buccaneers outlook it, their records going to be bad. Their record is going to be bad. Andy. Do you usually prefer drafting running bags on good teams? Bad teams on good teams. Great. How's the offensive line? I don't really like this line of question. Look, here's a guy that didn't catch the ball in college. Who is now? Why would they use a guy who doesn't have that skill set over Charles SIMS who they have an is good win. They're losing games. The regime. If they have a bad year, Dirk cutter was barely back this year. If they get a new regime coming in midway through the year or after the season, it's not going to be good for the rookie that was drafted there. And if you look at his weight, he's two hundred. Five. I talked to him at the NFC asked him because he looked. I was like, man, he's he's bulking brought up concerns him. He's not concerned. Yeah, he's two hundred call fine with them. All you wanna know what made him really great at college. I want him to be good. He put up some great yards, but he had nine teen rushing touchdowns. Yes, that is great. That's in his favor. Yes. But do you believe. But do you believe that a two hundred and eight pound running back can do that in in nineteen touchdowns can happen Jay? No. So my point is bad team doesn't catch the ball crowded. Backfield it's not like bayton Barbour and Charles SIMS don't exist. You brought up Chris Carson. So you can't be like rolling your eyes at Payton Barbara who had more good games last year. It's a crowded backfield for a bad team with a guy that doesn't catch the ball. Those are my issues with Ronald Jones, and he's a little bit smaller than I would prefer for a guy that does. I mean if you're two hundred ninety outlaw the ball like McKinnon catch the ball like Jamaal Charles catch the ball like devante Freeman, but he does. Ronald Jones is going ahead of these players Dion Lewis. Ronald Jones Dion Lewis Lewis. What about Louis her? I would take care that that's a great quiet. I mean, obviously I'm taking Ronald Jones and. I, I tend to side with Jason that Ronald Jones, it's, it's going to be tough the, it's not in his favor the way that the NFL has played. But if I'm making draft decision of the zilla really pass catching running back for Chicago over a guy who could be the featured bag, and I have to go with Ronald Ronald Jones, but it's not every everybody wrath. No, they often behind him is pretty much you're bringing up guys, you're bringing up a guy into Rico, a-and who is being way overvalued carry on Johnson's going around the later either Marlin, Matt, Tevin Coleman. Not the starter carry on. Johnson gets more touches as here than Ronald Jones. Put it on the board if you want it. Waterbed. In more ways than once or you are blinded? Yeah, there you go. All right, goodness, easy win. Mike Royce Freeman or Ronald Joan, please run run run around. I'm stealing it always revenue overhaul that needs to be in the top. Yeah, trouble. All right. You guys ready to rotate over to fire misfiring a little bit. I admit that was rough. Rough Rolls, Royce Rolls Royce. Sounds like it's fair. Fair point. Let's move over to players that we think are gonna light up the box score, possible breakout candidates you picking one fire player. Who do you think. You want me to jump in here. I, I think I'm gonna let somebody else go. I, that's that's fair. I just went. So we're up Mike. I'm passing to Andy. You've jump in here. I. Okay..

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