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Is that she takes the old and the new and she sort of puts them together in a way that feels modern and i love that about her lips dj a case are w in santa monica infix is always thanks for having me jeremy and you can fight all of our dj session picks on our spotify play lewis just go to spotify support for npr hearing now ross on apple music and if you're a now as lawmakers debate immigration it's playing out on the border with mexico the american volunteer group no more deaths help reduce report released last week claiming homeland security agents sabotage humanitarian efforts video show agents kicking over jugs of water left in the desert by volunteers for people crossing illegally he's gonna do shy this fact somebody left on sale seemed the agency tained volunteer scott warren on charges of harboring people illegally after he took several border crossings to a no more deaths safe place alicia dinsmore is also a volunteer with no more deaths and alicia uh some say agents were once more accepting of your work but you say the harassment has been going on for a while you are i think it's war complicated it's important to know about the report that room released a last wednesday january seventeen was a report that used data coming from two thousand twelve to 2015 and it documents three thousand five hundred eighty six gallons being destroyed on average we find on our water destroyed two times a week in southern arizona and we believe that border patrol is responsible for the majority of this destruction so even before the trump administration came into office we were saying interference with humanitarian aid and that's not just with these water gallons these life preserving supplies that we put.

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