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Land. This is what we do. You always go for a walk. We're talking about your high school before in Arizona and I didn't realize because you also player but you would make it became so weird while age-ish or poor she was. I think maybe like a senior when I was a freshman so we didn't know each other You know her dad had a computer lab named after him minded. Fortunately But yeah it was Arizona gals from from her. When you play here on the view or very sweetly sent me flowers once? which was I thought very classy trying to disarm you? When they do that person? Listen to your percent a hundred percent but again I'm not an impressionist. So right. You know. Get an approximation. Big Time. She should feel quite right. Same thing you're also married comedy writer. got married last year her almost two years ago. Now what is it like between the two comedians pitching each other alerts about tonight. I mean I definitely like run. All my pitches by him. Then ask for punch-up But he's very very very funny and I rely on him deeply. Yeah Chicago. Yeah Yeah we both performed a theater called the annoyance. which is awesome? Matt Vanessa Air and and Yeah and the rest is history so he notes after she Sunday mornings. That's from you know. He knows better than to do that. He just tells me I was funny and Gorgeous Art van Yes smart van. Yes yes So this week you have Scarlett Johansson and Nihil I think from one day was better than me yet. Some young the guy that I'm too old to know with the host like scarlet was done at a bunch. Yeah is that a fun it is fun and also like I killick sometimes with new hosts you spend a lot of the week being like it's GonNa be great you're going to. She knows she's GonNa be Great. So it's like we get the hang and it's really fun. Also we all know her because because of collins like she's our friend you know I wonder if she's got a stick in up hope. Did you think Yes to Sweden. And we'll stay your wedding. Do you think you're GonNa have Sarah. Sanders has gone. But this is going to be huge politically-risky part of that I don't know I mean maybe it depends but it it is. It's just sort of like who you end up looking like or you know five like I feel like I often end up playing more than political figures ears. I ended up playing. Like what was that women. Kim Davis the insane woman refused marriage. La- I get more like those kind of in the political around the refused a marriage license. I think something in Kentucky Women because there I am. That's my root got it. Is there anybody out. There is a political theme. You got your eye on any character like the come out again in the twenty twenty. No no you're out. It's just like I so prefer doing like the insane sketch. That's the last sketch before. Good nights nights you know or like I prefer Just like the dumb dumb silly Kuku stuff where I play like a woman who's wearing sweatpants in a ball gown and it's like asking for change or something I don't know if you guys have so much fun. You and kate sitting in that office like thing at the apple picking one of people just coming up with the details and like my hair's been in this brave forty years percents and we right does with Alison Gates and Andresson. Who are like two of the funniest people of all time and it is just the four of us sitting and laughing hysterically which it doesn't always translate till ass for the audience but it's very fun for us for you? Yeah I mean this is gotta be dream job stuff to send him warns make jokes and we'll tell them on. TV Yeah and we get to like stay up all night. Like it's a sleepover. It's the you you you could not have imagined when you were a kid up in Arizona. I wouldn't think and I don't think I even knew what it could have even looked like you know like no the Shape to dream it in just like what. Where do the cameras go? How does any of it work or something? That probably just seems a world away from where you're we're sitting thousand percent I was sunburned. Eating chicken. Tenders didn't know what to do anything happen. Or your favorite son us and I'll world. Gosh I loved Molly Shannon show much. I fully rip her off. I'm sure and I mean that was like my prime era like zero. Tara Oh Terry Gary and Anna Gassar all those those folks you know. It's funny you're right. Everyone has a snapshot of Your Life. Totally on was sort of like the Sandler. All this. Yes we all have our ears that we think are the best right totally now. There's some young comedian so word Arizona. I was unaware that was the best that would be very nice. My big thanks to eighty Bryant for a great conversation sation season two of her show Shrill Premiers January twenty fourth on Hulu and I'm joined now on the Sunday. Sit Down podcast by the producer of the Sunday. Sit Down podcast Maggie law hanging really and the producer of the interview with Eighty Bryant for Sunday today. Brittany Mania Hybrid I think it's fair to say all three of US came into this as eighty Bryant fans. Definitely I like most people I know grew up loving. SNL L.. So I still have that soft spot in my heart and there's something about her Brit a think is especially great. I think she's just such a funny natural comedian. She's like Kate McKinnon this way too. And there's a reason they're so good together but that if if eighties in the sketch you can even if the sketches and working she will bring something out out and be funny yeah. She's definitely like character comedian. Yeah I don't know just heightens the skits. Yeah so I think it's only fair that. Go around the table Shar okay. And let's say our favorite eighty Bryant character. Maggie you I I would say my favorite eighty Bryant sketch is The Halloween girls night out Halloween. I'm not sure if you're familiar with girls dressed up as the mice and then flash to four AM and As a young woman in New York City I would say I've experienced Halloween bat accurate. I just it. It was our missing ocean the running make up the whiskers currently falling down. The face. Yours are a little askew for yelling at your friend just just wanting to go home. No more acute fees for I am just Hungary and looking for some pizza captured accurate acids. That's okay. That's good to know Britney watchers I love the eighty little eighty baby but also implore you to watch the Cardi B. an eighty. ABC's get if you have not already. She basically is inspired by Cardi's confidence and sort of takes on and becomes Cardi for a week. It was the week that Cardi was hosting the musical guests. And she's just really funny to see her. Have all that you know unchecked confidence. She's so good at that I anything with with eighty and Kate Mckinnon works for me and I do mean anything again. The sketch the script could be not great but the two of them together always makes me laugh. The recent one last asphalt where they had they run the apple orchard where they say for just ten dollars. No sorry for only forty five dollars. You can go home with ten dollars. Lurs worth of apples. I love that one but my favorite is smoker farms. Where it's the two of them and they come on weekend update and they run a farm and they have the actual Meknes basket? The premise of it is like don't feel bad for animals. There's this movement like animals we fall in love with them and social media. Videos goes and they're so cute and save the kid and all that she said we we assure you that these are dumb bad deserve their fate but they also have like like real meat out there. So part of the gag as it goes is that they just reeks unsaid and Colin is like moving his chair. Away it's fantastic. But she gets me with anything she does Why found most moving though Brittany was the way she talked about shrill as not just that character but as a way to tell her own story? Yeah yes she was very candid. which was touching But yeah she was drawn to the project because she saw herself in the the the main character she related to a lot of the shuttle she was going to. It's a gem of show to take one of those. I think where I season. Maybe not everybody saw it with people hear about it and they're like Oh Brian SNL. I think she's going to get big pickup. That's my precursors interesting to how she was saying that she was inspired by it and she was interested the NASA she told her agent. You can call with banks and they're like actually she just called looking for you. Yeah yeah she's awesome. She can do it it all and this is a great breakout for her. She's also you know it was like what's your next big move she's like I don't know I'm on. SNL The show. I always wanted to be on. That's a pretty good move. And now I have this other other shows that I love and have a hand on executive produce writing got a and so. She's I feel like she's doing all the things she wants to do. Serve accepting new challenges as they come. She's not like strategizing. I need to be in a blockbuster. I also love how they all for each other. Whether it's her kate sesame thessaly all the the women in particular. SNL genuinely or psyched for each other and learn to saying that Lerman's very encouraging this project uh-huh sketch. Now choose the best eighty Brian Brittany. Thank you Maggie. Thank you and thank all of you as well as always for tuning in this week to the Sunday. Sit Down podcast asked if you want to hear more of the full length conversations with all my guests every week be short equipment subscribed so you never miss episode. And don't forget to tune in to Sunday today every weekend. I'm Willie geist see right back here next week on the Sunday sitdown podcast. Hey it's josh megawatts from dateline. Do you need your true crime. Fix on the go. They line episodes are now available in podcasts. You can listen in the car more on the beach or wherever the summer. Takes you mysteries with a twist from dateline subscribe now so you don't miss an episode..

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