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C. O. some other headlines from the day in sports Eric can all quiet on the collective bargaining front view in the NFL a week ago we talked a lot about it that there's been absolutely no balls whatsoever what do you think's going on there yeah I don't know if that's good or bad news I think you always want to have a conversation and dialogue right because when there's no talking that usually means it's a both sides are at some sort of a of a stand still I don't think that's the case but the yeah there's no breaking news and of course the NFL calendar the NFL New Year below all it opens up and starts up in a couple of weeks I think it's mid March so you'll have the free agency frenzy and all the eyeballs will be focused on Tom Brady where he goes or does he stay in Foxboro and then all the other movement I think will fall after that so it'll be an interesting you know back half of March the combine your favorite event is already in the rear view mirror and before you know what's the V. T. people will be talking about the NFL draft in Las Vegas this season about that are you going to be either it's it's not on the calendar but it would be interesting I know the NFL this is a trial balloon you know if Vegas does a good job with the draft and I can't imagine Vegas not you know hitting a home run with this one then you're going to see a Super Bowl in Las Vegas you're probably in the next four five years we've got the new venue opening up just off the strip the raiders are now the Las Vegas raiders so I think the draft will probably go very well look it's it's a crown jewel event on the NFL calendar you think about Philadelphia's headed Chicago Nashville New York City had it for many years I know the Twin Cities wants it and I would think somewhere down the road the Twin Cities will host the NFL draft and it will be another monster revenge here in this area your brother Brady do you think he really is going to play anywhere else but New England I I I don't I I find it hard to believe that that Robert Kraft is going to sign off for a while Tom Brady to finishes ever anywhere it makes absolutely no it is a great question there was a report earlier this week out of New England by one of the broadcasters there that the Brady Belichick conversation did not go well again read into that what you wanted to report I think Robert Kraft wants it back clearly now does Brady want to go back or does he want to prove he can help somebody else win before he finally retires and what has been one of the greatest careers in the history of the National Football League I think the Belichick Brady dynamic is interesting one thing we know about bill Belichick in you know in the past he's not afraid to cut guys in sometimes he's cut guys was still been at it peak performing levels now Brady is a different animal I get that but I would check if he wants to continue coaching he's given no indication he's gonna walk away any time soon he has to start thinking well down the road what are we gonna do it the most critical position and all of the NFL quarterback is it time for us to address that remember they did have Jimmy Garoppolo's once upon a time and they dealt him to San Francisco I find it rather laughable Stevie T. a lot of people are floating the idea Brady could go back home he's from the bay area and play for the forty Niners and I you know what I think Jimmy Garoppolo's getting this tear picked up he took the team to the Super Bowl now he had helped his defense was unbelievable and he had some offensive weapons but I think Jimmy Garoppolo's still can get better I know that Superbowl didn't end well that's probably more on Patrick Mahomes doing his thing performing his magic the home there in the magic city of Miami and probably more on Kyle Shanahan for not coming up with good play calls in the final half of the fourth quarter but I don't put that loss all all on Jimmy G. my father uses that Brady could end up he's been linked to the LA Chargers the Miami Dolphins I mean there are there are a lot of scenarios you brought up the forty Niners well once again I just find it hard to believe that Tom Brady will play anywhere but New England next season I think he's going to play at least another year he's one of these guys you know why not it remember the patriots didn't get where they wanted to go this year and they probably feel like we're still ready to contend that division is still wide open both of those up and coming but the jets they're terrible Miami still got a long way to go the window was still open in New England and I was so fine that they're going to patch it up they're going to find a way you know for one more run at it why I think you bring up a great point they they have been so dominant in the AFC east going back to Y. two K. you know with the turn of the century the new millennium that there'd been no challengers I think they've won the division like eighteen out of twenty years and yeah buffalo's better but you know what we don't know how much better they're going to be moving forward is and the jets and dolphins have been just an oil well fires they they just been mismanaged and they've gone through quarterbacks and head coaches in a revolving door fashion I I think would Brady wants though he wants more help he needs some speed on the edges he needs wide out improvements they had Antonio brown and certainly that would have been great but Antonio at the off the field issues same with Josh Gordon I'll say this if he does go back to New England the team that probably could use in the most the Los Angeles Chargers because they need to sell tickets and move the needle out in so cal all right quick break we're gonna come back with the news and then the two A. boys hockey championship game from the excel energy center on news talk eight three WCCO it's called the sandwich generation you have kids in the house and your parents are beginning to.

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