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Growing up is getting old where they from John the Victoria. Yes. Laughter of asking about growing up. What was the name of the song was growing up is getting old. That's right. My Bulgaria Bull Gary, Bulgaria. You heard it. And there were Jerry Axis from her is it remains? No. I believe you are right. Also the Bulgarian brute Rousseff, not on his Miro, also from Bulgaria, if you're cured E was close in every door. Wanna build only is a late that myself, John, would you like to check Jinx? Travel them. Mike, please, Because he's gotten two in a row. Should I try the should I try the Michigan again? I mean, I watched them what was at the game. Actually, I was watching clips of him and practicing in your ear. If you remember that I do, Okay. Um mm, really feel comfortable with it, but it's it's probably best for the Lightning. I mean, last time I did when we everything was fine. So whenever you're ready All right. He's got jinxing transcend my Dave, Michigan. Here he goes. He's got the attack. He's got the tick. I'm sorry. I just does that sound anything like him? Dead Ringer. I thought Dave Michigan was in the room with May Mm. Would you like me to play a little Dave? Mister? You could. Yeah, sure. Maybe you could get the voices. Yeah. Sorry. Sorry. They're transformed. You know, it's just not. You know, if you're good, Let's see. Here he is calling. Let's see. We'll do OK. Lightning Panthers. Highlights from David Huh? Hey, thanks one for here. Bicycle Circuit Chef Circuit Upholds Chris Large center Point. That's a good scoop Drop centers that plot shoots Save Bobrovsky. Sam Bennett possible that whoever don't open Love Circle Service ain't made by Vasyl Lasky rebound loose in front Bennett law and we're getting a penalty here. Can't do that anymore. Marco wins the drug and electrical Huberdeau Let me your little magic man made rebound. Lucid front, better jabbing away. That's Lasky hasn't uncovers. He just goes right to the spot. But we got to study in the U. S. A The other tag. Got the tech he's not going to get to is go here. Go ahead. A baronet, Breck. Here's your so disrespectful to a legend. Here's your 30 claptrap stand like Mm hmm. Uh, your head one more time. You're a vision or or or hunting and fishing, drinking in fishing. Mm hmm. Room for for a Triple Eurovision. Apologize. Tramp stand, Mike, But that is helping. The song is broke. And you are gone. Yeah, I felt really good about that was with Miranda Lambert, too. Yeah, that was a kill shot. Sure True. Got alive. Who are you? European? Mike? Hey, Mike. How you doing today, pal? Not together is going very well. Thank you very much ready to play today's game. Give it a shot. Why not? Right? Here's your first clip is this You're a vision. Or drinking and fishing. Yeah, Yeah,.

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