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Wondering razors guy even heard this now. We'll tell you about it. Maybe. Maybe maybe. That's a good. That's a good post show teased for the post show. Yeah. I'm tired of being married. Bush and talk about on the porch. You're so lucky. Joke joke. What we jokes are rooted in some truth. What we do not know is whether or not what Steve corral, and what happened in what he said on Saturday night. Live was a joke or not office fans had a mini a heart attack on Saturday Night Live using a possible reboots at the famous sitcom corral returned to host. This week's episode of Night Live for a third time prompting an office reunion and much much speculation that the show would be coming back to the small screen after more than five years. So was during his opening monologue. He was interrupted by an audience member who asked if they will ever reboot the office cast member Keenan Thompson Atalay also think you should. And then there were fellow co-stars Kemper at Helms Jennifer, Fisher started to emerge from the studio audience with questions of their own even curls family was in on the joke. We think you should probably do the show. We don't really need to hang out with you anymore said his his wife, Nancy. I don't need them. Others. Be honest. I don't need them to do an office reunion show. I'm I'm I'm fine. I don't need to see how they've all aged in. It's different. It's kind of like with friends. I think friends time of doing a reunion show has come and gone. You know, an reunion shows reboots are never never never never as good. No. They're just never as good. I would I would happily watch it. Absolutely. If they if they pulled off an office reboot. I would be would be excited to watch it. But I would watch it with the expectation of it's not going to be as good as it was not, you know, I'm going to watch it because I liked the characters I enjoy the actors and actresses who play the characters, but I would have no expectations. I would ever hit the hit the same notes that the office did when it was added to pique their two shows that I think could absolutely pull off a reunion. Okay. The first one is Seinfeld. I think Seinfeld could actually do it and play up on how ridiculous. It is to see where they are. Because they probably none of the cast of characters would have changed all that much. Yeah. Yeah. They would be self referential and right to make it, you know, there'd be some meta jokes in there that would that would make it work. And plus, I don't know if you can I don't know if there's a more talented on psalm, right? Then you had with Julia Louis Dreyfuss Jason Alexander, and Jerry Seinfeld. Well, you say that until I mentioned the other one that I think would absolutely be prime and would be a really really good reboot. And that is the Cosby show. It..

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