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The fire in reading has burned more than eighty three thousand acres and has killed five people and close to firefighters a seventy year. Old woman and her two great grandchildren Alex stone says about five hundred and thirty. Homes and other buildings have been destroyed the number of buildings they, think right now is around five hundred but they have no clue because there are so many neighborhoods that have been burned out that that is. Just a wild guess that they've got it may be a. Lot higher than that Alex stone says the weather has been hot dry and windy, nearly forty thousand people have been, evacuated the fire that started Monday but really exploded on Thursday is just five percent contained a teen in Palo Alto. Apparently really needed to get online the. Teen broke into a home in the middle of the night woke the sleeping couple inside. And ask them to use their wifi network the homeowner told police he shoved the seventeen year old. Down the hallway and out the. Front door then call the police the teens motive. For entering the home is unknown the couple said two kitchen, knives were missing from a kitchen drawer police arrested the team for residential burglary prowling and providing false information to an officer authorities believe the same teen stola bike from another. Backyard earlier in the month Julie's later KFI news more than thirty people have been. Killed after a bus carrying tourists plunged into a gorge in western, India the times of Indian India says the bus carrying members of a university fell about five hundred feet after skidding off a mountain pass rescue. Teams are now reporting that one passenger survived Lives by jumping out of a window as the. Bus fell checking in with traffic now from the helpful socal Honda.

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