Tiberius Caracas, Marias, Sala discussed on The Art of Manliness - #346: The Fall of the Roman Republic


And so is definitely somebody who recognizes that his ambition doesn't necessarily have to be bound by these old rules of most mahrum that if he is in a tight spot that he can just circumvent whatever the rules of fair play are supposed to be you know he even though he was a noble um you know he too can look it guys caracas and tiberius caracas in some of the things that mario dead um and say well if we off my enemies are backing me and corner why on i just do an end run around them in it you know all this it starts with him even just subtly you know him at him in marias had this had this rivalry uh throughout their entire lives were sell us about fifteen tie ten or fifteen years younger than murray us where seles starts to subtly undermine marias in a way that by all rules of tradition by all rules of most firearm in asala should be exalting maria sensing that morris did this and mahrous did this great thing but sala starts taking credit for thanks um that marist doesn't think that cell should be taking credit for he read the book this this this is all will all be explained probably better than i'm doing it right now uh but it was very good very clear from very early that cell as not going to feel bound by any kind of traditional rules of behaviour if those rules are standing between him in power but interestingly was that seoul like some of the other reformers hit a heat he said that his goal was to take rome back to its route he's restoring restoring roam the republic but.

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