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All <Speech_Music_Female> L.. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> Let me let <Speech_Male> me pull back. The current <Speech_Male> moment as Tony <Speech_Male> is talking about the things it <Speech_Male> takes to <Speech_Male> be one of the greatest players. <Speech_Male> NFL history for <Speech_Male> an pro. Football Hall <Speech_Male> of Famer. Jenna <Speech_Male> looks at me off camera <Speech_Male> and goes see. I've been telling <Speech_Male> you I am trying <Speech_Music_Male> to make no <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> need to sleep. You need <Speech_Male> to work. Why do I need <Speech_Male> to do any of that? We <Speech_Music_Male> just sit here and talk <Speech_Male> sleep <Speech_Music_Male> easily. <Speech_Music_Male> There's another <Speech_Male> make you a better person. <Speech_Male> Hey <Speech_Music_Male> look good to me. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> I don't <Speech_Music_Female> know the <Speech_Music_Female> Nikkei skinny <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> I've got I've got a question <Speech_Music_Male> for you <Speech_Male> okay. <Speech_Male> You mentioned <Speech_Male> mahomes homes <Speech_Male> baseball background. <Speech_Male> You obviously <Speech_Male> had a basketball background <Speech_Male> today. <Speech_Male> We have <Speech_Male> so many kids <Speech_Male> who are specialized <Speech_Music_Male> early. <Speech_Music_Male> And that's what I wanted <Speech_Music_Male> to ask like Russell. Russell <Speech_Music_Male> Wilson <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> and a high level <Speech_Male> cuyler. Murray Patrick <Speech_Male> Mahomes. <Speech_Male> I'm not saying you have to be a potential <Speech_Male> pro in multiple <Speech_Male> sports or D one <Speech_Male> player in World War. It's <Speech_Male> like you were what. What <Speech_Male> about for <Speech_Male> kids? That <Speech_Male> could be pros one <Speech_Male> day still <Speech_Male> trying to play <Speech_Male> multiple sports <Speech_Male> at <Speech_Male> the my eight <Speech_Male> zero. Just finished up his <Speech_Male> senior year in high <Speech_Male> school. And <Speech_Male> you're looking at all these kids. <Speech_Male> Nobody playing double <Speech_Male> sports anymore <Speech_Male> and to me. That's <Speech_Male> the foundation. You look at <Speech_Male> the greatest athletes of all <Speech_Male> time. They all play <Speech_Male> sport. Is those <Speech_Female> children full sports. theon <Speech_Male> too <Speech_Male> tight is that we <Speech_Male> talked about Kelsey <Speech_Male> play basketball <Speech_Male> gronk play basketball <Speech_Male> kit old <Speech_Male> plays badly basketball. <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> it's such a <Speech_Male> great off off-season <Speech_Male> training <Speech_Male> there's a great book <Speech_Male> by David Epstein <Speech_Male> guys <Speech_Male> called Range Right now <Speech_Male> and it saying that a <Speech_Male> specializations not <Speech_Male> working out all you young <Speech_Male> kids out there thinking. I'm <Speech_Male> just going to focus <Speech_Male> my sophomore year on <Speech_Male> one sport. <Speech_Male> It's like no way you're <Speech_Male> you're you're <Speech_Male> you're killing yourself. <Speech_Male> You're you're you're giving <Speech_Male> your <SpeakerChange> disadvantage <Speech_Female> for yourself. Do you ever <Speech_Female> think about when you look <Speech_Female> at the team. The the <Speech_Female> chiefs have put together. <Speech_Female> What could I have <Speech_Female> done in this offense <Speech_Music_Female> right <SpeakerChange> here with <Speech_Music_Male> Patrick Mahomes quarterback? <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> I love <Speech_Male> macgyver. I played with <Speech_Male> but yeah you <Speech_Male> get Patrick. <Speech_Male> mahomes is <Speech_Male> Joe <Speech_Male> Montana Tom Brady. <Speech_Male> He's he's <Speech_Male> a paint man. You know that <Speech_Male> already <Speech_Male> from. Yeah <Speech_Male> I think. Obviously <Speech_Male> he's so <Speech_Male> young. I think he's definitely going <Speech_Male> that in that <Speech_Male> category <Speech_Male> or at least on <Speech_Male> his way. And then you've <Speech_Male> got a guy like Andy Reid <Speech_Male> who who loves <Speech_Male> to the title. It's <Speech_Male> just a really good <Speech_Male> position for <Speech_Male> for Travis. Abbas <Speech_Male> Kelsey or <Speech_Male> or anybody. I mean <Speech_Male> even out there with coach <Speech_Male> Shannahan <Speech_Male> kills going to get the ball. <Speech_Male> All the <Speech_Male> chiefs team needs <Speech_Male> in addition. It'd be great <Speech_Male> to have you alongside <Speech_Male> Kelsey. Is that at <Speech_Male> two thousand and three <Speech_Male> chiefs offensive <Speech_Male> line blocking <Speech_Male> the San Francisco <Speech_Male> Front Hall <Speech_Male> of Famers Against <Speech_Male> Hall of famers on both sides <Speech_Male> of the ball. It would be a <Speech_Male> rap the rap <Speech_Male> that's the best offers <Speech_Male> of line I <Speech_Male> think. <Speech_Male> NFL history. <Speech_Male> Not <Speech_Male> to Oliver. <Speech_Male> Sure maybe <Speech_Male> a third one <Speech_Male> jason <SpeakerChange> done block <Speech_Music_Female> and do <Speech_Female> we also need to give. I'm <Speech_Female> andy meet a little credit <Speech_Female> for helping to cultivate <Speech_Female> Patrick Mahomes and this <Speech_Male> quick rise <SpeakerChange> story <Speech_Male> is right now I think so <Speech_Male> too and you know something about <Speech_Male> how about Alex. Smith <Speech_Male> is not ever forget about <Speech_Male> him what he was <Speech_Male> able to do. I mean they able <Speech_Male> to come in and sit <Speech_Male> at that first <Speech_Music_Male>

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