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For hotdogs. You got to go. I don't think any of the hot dogs have either those three mates in them. I had to have a horse hoof in it eating it. It Ain't moon. It ain't doing it right all right so as we wrap up our show a little bit. You guys still ask questions. We don't mind answering them. We want to give out shadow again to Stephanie. Charge over coming on. Being our first contestant on our lives show largest solo bell order it was in two thousand five. I spent twenty four dollars at a Taco for myself in eating challenges. Anthony Roggio and then I wanted to die. That's pretty good. I mean were you get where you got the drink as well as that just item. I don't remember I just remember being a lot of money at that. Ten A lot of food. I mean you gotTa have a lot of food but again we're going to go ahead and give a shoutout to Stephanie Charbagh for coming on she only got five out of ten so the prize will some of the price is GonNa roll over. We decided we looked at each other gave each other. I contact. We'RE GONNA go out and give her that. Api Eleven signed. I ever first edition of the show ever takes off and we reached like seven or eight homes in this area. She's really going to be on Ebay with that bad boy. We're going to go ahead market with the first edition. I'd keep that meant yeah. I think we'll probably get you the ingredients for Spivey special too I think we can splurge and spend the four ninety eight to get a bottle of Burnett's watermelon Baga. Yeah we're like eight weeks away from getting that we're only at fifty. Cents is on so many conditions. The only way to go with that signed. Yeah we'll frame it. We'll get it appraised I for you. Yeah our guy will appraise. Don't worry about the real people that are GONNA do We're located in Sacramento California area in our content. You're listening to Weei just wing it. No we talk about We have three different segments. We have sports jog. We have a food court files where we talk about a certain food and then a remember that thing where we talk about something from our childhood so those are the three one every once in a while we'll mix in a spivey or we're GONNA come up pretty soon keep an eye out. We're going to mix in a couple of other segments as the sports died down your after the Super Bowl so won't be talking about bowling that much. The fair question. What would the veto special be already said? It's kraft macaroni and cheese and ketchup. I think that would be put onto a pan pizza. We mustard on the rocks. Deadset classic veto left. You got upset. Oh boy probably because he made fun of him getting kicked off and probably all right any last questions have I heard of Taco Pizza. Yes yummy again. We WanNA shot out Coming on our guest and before we wrap this up we want to thank everybody. Listen tonight we're going to go ahead ned. This will add some drops will cut out some ause. And maybe the awkward beginning where we're just yelling pod for the APP networking beginning and Yeah so that'll be available to download. You can hear your voices we can hear you. Can you can hear tyler frustration through the chat of Assessing Flood Eagles fly? That's now. Four Times go lakers. Yikes they were up twenty before we came on so. I'm sure it's much worse. Now we're not gonNA look when last few last things before we go. Zach your fat troy. You're fat later guys.

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