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I don't have them here but I happen to. When I grabbed these ones that had to do with you see the boxing was right next to it and it's still the same manny pack yells minus 1.55 keep it goes back at plus? One thirty five goes swears that he saw Thurman a favorite <hes> earlier in the week earlier. Yeah and I knew it was pretty much pretty one. I'm twenty five one thirty five or something like that okay so the money is pouring in on Manny Pacquiao and pack Yala's forty years of age. That is the take it easy. I mean he's he's one on hell of a fighter goes but he is forty years of age and now he's fighting like a straight up G. You know like you know I mean a really good fighter. This is the type of fighter that's GonNa be faster than him. Possibly <hes> and this is the one where when he if he loses. I'm not picking saying if he loses. You'll start to hear this stuff about father time and bet the over at the while. All the overdose ridiculous has to get to the twelfth round for that over to hit but that surprises me. I mean pack power. You know what I mean. Be Isn't really not very many people alley true any fight a little bit more conservative now. Keep take advantage <hes>. It's not that heavy-handed either yeah. How do you see this thing going down? Do you have an official pictures yet. Yeah I think it'll go twelve rounds <hes> with the decision decision going to keep Thurman. I don't know that I think manual have is moments here and there but I think I got him winning. Maybe like four rounds a lot of the experts. I've noticed that I've been reading about are seeing the same thing you're saying decision. Vision so pack forty Thurman Packets Forty Thurman thirty there you go and the you know ten years may make a difference but I'm looking at a pretty even split when it comes to Thurman or Pack Yale again according to you like the Raphael's of the World Bradley's Teddy Alice's. They're all pretty split <hes> maybe that's why we just gotTa tune in right <hes> and we will be tuning in because goes and I will be doing a sportscaster on Saturday for U._F._C. on E._S._p._N.. Four four it'll start at six P._M.. Pacific Nine P._M.. Eastern and I believe they're six cards..

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