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So in America again to somewhat of a by ninety nine but that's all right you know the next hour at twelve thirty ishe we hook up with our friend direct some really looking for them both tracks is good so at the start of the Oscars tonight it was not a hosted Oscars but they'd still brought out some comedians to tell some jokes on ABC earlier tonight it was Steve Martin Chris rock's which seemed pretty fun I watch the clip of it it was pretty funny I mean there are some pretty good moments with it they do hit on some race things and I think it's become self deprecating that actors make fun of other agencies in all the Oscars me and one of them and L. me let me play this here's Steve Martin Chris rock Steve says to me J. little skill and it so it was J. lo at this thing I guess I she was in a movie maybe she's there as an actress okay we both have hosted the Oscars before and this is such an incredible demotion post anymore why is that since we as the new host because of Twitter yeah they ruined it for Kevin Hart would have been a fantastic absolutely fantastic host why they got a ruin everything I don't know a couple of years ago there was a big disaster here at the Oscars were they accidentally read out the wrong name and it was nobody's fault but they have not guarantee that this will not happen this year because the academy a switch to the new Iowa caucus at.

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