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Ground talk coming the ground if you sees a shadow spring arrives early the cleveland clinic doctor scott be talked about it yesterday it's human nature to want to look forward to something so i think groundhog day comes right integrate interval aware were a little tired in are looking for the something better than were getting i know no one nine on nine unhappy with the weather we've had this year i would like as most of us would like or believe we're going to get one healthy dose of snow talked about people tend to get warned down by when turn now that we've gotten through january which is a very long month after a lot of celebrating that that you need to groundhog i guess to signal the warm and sonny days around the way and it was all of us want to say we're able to seem to the future and it can you imagine if you had a cat or dog we're ferrer it or ground dog they can predict the weather when to tell everybody her would you just look like a genius cause you know doctor be thinks most people actually like the idea of spring more than a like the idea of winter corporate i was a time associated with oh moods una for not experiencing seeing off active to sort of week two feel winter ball as we don't see the sun as much and this climate are days or short yeah they are and i i know people who get bummed out by winter but i also know people who love but they do tend to live in vermont main and colorado in places like that where there's a lotta winter in snow so you could go either way on now i'm when i lived in new york city one we lived.

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