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The Texas Republican Party to cancel its upcoming in person convention in the city instead, Sylvester Turner says, because the pandemic he's urging the estimated 6000 attendees to hold their meetings virtually visited extensively with Dr Pers talked to Dr Feta. Hotez Online saying hosting convention and indoor convention at this time in the city of Houston is a bad idea, the Texas GOP convention said for next week, July 16th threw the 18th Turner says there will be restrictions like mandatory face masks. The woman accused of helping to dismember the body of a Fort Hood soldier will remain locked up 22 year old Sicily Aguilar mater initial appearance in federal court Monday. She's accused of helping army specialist Aaron Davidson dispose of Vanessa Gideon's body in a rule area near Fort Hood vests. Gaiters believe that Davidson killed G and with a hammer, he took his own life when confronted by police. U S. Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that members of the Electoral college must vote is the laws of their states. Direct the so called faithless elector case pitted electors from Colorado in Washington, who did not conform to their states. Popular vote in the 2016 presidential election. In Colorado, Michael Baka cast his electoral ballot for former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich, in an attempt to potentially deny President Trump the 270 electoral votes needed to secure his victory in the opinions of Justice has expressed concerns about changing laws that bind delegates to popular vote Withers, saying it could lead to campaigns it would try to influence their votes. That was Michael Kastner. Reporting this just into the newsroom, A deputy constable increasing foreign Harris County has been shot while responding to a disturbance call. Police say that it happened at an apartment complex on Ella Boulevard. The officer was shot with a rifle SWAT teams are now on that scene. And trying to assess the situation. The officer was taken to Memorial Hermann Woodlands in Unknown condition at last check. Will keep you updated on that. As we get more information, we will pass it along to you. Great news time. 203 Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, promising major changes as he continues to go through his short list of running mates. Biden means big changes tweeting. We're going to beat Donald Trump. And when we do, we won't just rebuild this nation will transform it. Transform it into what, though Donald Trump Jr speculates Biden wants to transform America to chop the shorthand for the police free Capitol Hill organized protests in Seattle. In the Biden veepstakes. The Washington Post reports includes a new focus on Senator Tammy Duckworth's Susan Rice is also reportedly on the short list. That was Fox's Peter Doocy reporting. The Astros will resume summer camp workouts at Minute Maid Park at the University of Houston today. The team canceled yesterday's workout due to a delay in Corona virus test from Friday. Those test results have since come and speaking of the Astros. They're 2020 60 game schedule has been released. The Astros will open up the season Friday, July 24th at home against the Seattle Mariners. That opening homestand will include four games Siri's against the Mariners and then a two game Siri's against the Dodgers..

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