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Fe Rio Arriba and Los Alamos county thirty minutes Richard each show voice of Santa Fe Gearon G. D. R. C. at Santa fe's news talk later Santa Fe farmers market is now offering our very own community supported agriculture program this new C. essay is a great opportunity to get a delicious box of farm fresh produce help support our local farmers and try some amazing new items who knows you may discover some new favorites you can pay for all or part of your subscription using tokens from double up food Bucks check the website for details on how to sign up today W. W. W. dot Santa Fe farmers market dot com Hey this is David from the Santa Fe Country Club I would like to invite you to visit and experience are fun loving family friendly club in two thousand and twenty we're offering a special membership package for two hundred fifty dollars a month for the first year you and your family can enjoy all the amenities of the club this includes all the golf you can play free cards and range balls and access to our clubhouse which includes a locker in dining rooms and our beautiful heated pools please stop by for a tour or visit Santa Fe Country Club dot com hi this is James Callis from James Callis jewelers I believe the jury is about passion and remembering the excitement of new low in the expression of this is why I make custom jewelry we are Sanofi's local independent neighborhood fine jewelry store and fine jewelry repair and restoration specialist James Callis jewelers your trusted family jeweler your favorite jeweler twenty eight oh one rodeo road in the rodeo plaza next to Joe's done hello Harvey north and burn.

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