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Is here. your big get a. case of the month was another week the question is was usually with say now that she was coerced scholar was into her confession yeah we heard the second confession yesterday video tape of a police interview played for the jury as the prosecution made that the their final thing to present before they rested their case in the second time she went to the police station for an interview she didn't call home they ended up taking her to jail. least detective a one point telling her you know now that you're not going to be leaving as they discuss the the death of the child who in this interview she admitted was born alive that she heard the baby gurgle as seen that move though at other times she said she never looked at the child never really explain exactly how the baby died said maybe she squeezed it too tight she really wasn't sure there were some the other things that she admitted in the interview like trying to burn the body and that the defense believes that she was basically talked into by the two detectives who they say were leading her along the whole way and on this tape you don't hear a whole lot of Brooke Skyler Richardson here much more of of the police officers talking and the defense will take over today well how long was he able to go on for five hours yeah the second one I think when almost five hours and they kept the tape running when they brought her parents in and so they basically made her explain to our parents what happened after a while they still have the the the tape running in this year she said you know I tried to cremate the body a little don't know if Brooke will take the stand or self before this case rest but the fence takes over today they've got some witnesses of their own I think you will say that the baby was stillborn she claimed in our first interview with police okay coming up on news at six o'clock we will have more on the anniversary agreement in the tri state one year ago girls struck killed on our way to western hills high school and your later police have not found the driver is responsible for the death of Gaby Rodriguez more in fifteen minutes is right seven WW all right looking but five forty seven right now five forty seven and when the hurricanes come along the chewing up the ocean they turn up the beach who knows what might pop up on the beach about some civil war cannonballs that's one of them folly beach South Carolina beach goers their phone to civil war era cannonballs on the beach uncovered by Dorian right there in the sand and reporting a police fire and local EOD teams responded confirming the relics making sure cannibals want still live in dangerous course cannonballs shouldn't be live in dangerous because they're solid metal. but they weren't they were not live or dangerous because the metal. Aaron Latin and his girlfriend found the cannibals let's see overlooking Morris island lighthouse on Friday night the couple said their new to the area and we're happy to run into a piece of history he said I want to get a metal detector especially after the hurricane and see this anything any history or artifacts are kind of washed up on the shore we actually just got lucky with no equipment just spending a day at the beach it was not the first time civil war cannonballs been found on that beach following hurricane Matthew in twenty sixteen they found sixteen civil war cannonballs. this is just a good spot for cannibals. let's go next hurricane let's go. and of somebody else found with packages of cocaine washed up on the beach to turn them into police it is five forty nine in the morning at seven under W. well W. my friends carry automotive ten dealerships around town should you be looking for a car this is where you want to look at all in one website you go to carry automotive dot com and all ten rupees in it right there that's four Buick GMC and tri county in Florence Toyota Nissan.

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