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Back to the play offs the lake game Saturday. Cowboys Rams Cowboys have lost seven straight road playoff games. Last win the ninety two NFC title game over the Niners. And so we'll see what that press gotten company can get done. He deck completed seventy one percent of his passes. We the Laurie Cooper on the field Cooper. However is caught this one of seven targets in his career. When it keeps linguist been the newest defender, so strength on strength. Something's got to give us a critical matchup. They will also be a match up of two of the top running back to the league. Ezekiel Elliott led the league in rushing Todd Gurley accounted for league twenty one touchdowns. But he's got a knee Todd Gurley. How you feel? That's that's about I have been on the field last two weeks. So it was like why is this league? So we wanted to know highs as need doing, and, you know, get up so and then I don't have to keep getting tweets. And Instagram's all day, they're gonna just wash video see how my knee doing going to believe it or think, I'm lying, so but it's cool. It's cool. I'm really just eager to get back on the field. And and then just see I response, and then hopefully, you know, we have some new questions next week. And now that in me. All right now, the Cowboys run defense was fifth in the league. But they struggled defending running backs in the passing game. Dallas a lot more than six catches a game to back through the reception percentage of eighty four both those rank in the bottom five of the league. So maybe they use girly more in that regard. Shefty very quickly. You were telling me on sportscenter this morning that the Rams feel very good about C J Anderson as well, regardless of how healthy girly girl. He's a superstar Todd Gurley workhorse, but they are going to spell him at certain times with CJ Anderson and get C J Anderson, some work to keep girl even fresher during games than he's been because Anderson is deserved. And so what does this add up to as far as your concern? I'm looking at this game. My eyes go strictly to the Cowboys linebackers. You know, the Cowboys linebackers are great and they're incredibly aggressive downfield. That's why they're really good in the run game. But what is their greatest strength could end up becoming their greatest weakness and Seattle started to expose that last week in play action game, and you're gonna watch the clipper here like watch L aggressive. They are downhill to this run how quickly they flow, and that's what opens up some of these play action passes. And I'm just telling you, Sean McVeigh's gonna watch that game and Salvi because he's going to look at it and go these linebackers have great tons of respect for him. But what we do best is the play action game..

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