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Dot org and a drills doubt zoos is created by the western values project which is a group that has pushing back on the uh basically the the exploitation and privatization shen of a mostly western public land's but public lands in general and they drill down through ryan zinke and all the people that he's hired and it's pretty shocking person after person after person is basically a lobbyist um what what is your sense of the kind of damage that he is being done in the department of interior the food and drug administration next week probably that our labour if the last two members of the uh of the board of the department flavor the nlrb i guess ashley relations were are are confirmed it'll uh to that looks like they probably will be uh what's your sense of what's going well you know and this is the question you know as as much as republicans say you know they don't want regulation and you know you have to get rid of two for every new regulation you also though have to keep the the regular the regulars the regulations that you have it in the least the agency that do the protection because you know without regulators you don't have clean air and clean water and uh you don't have labour protection and safety addressed in the workplace and in a case that they're doing i think with public land's i think there's a real effort to uh again with all the people in the administration have connection through the oil industry to open up uh public lands in more ways uh yeah we saw in an effort by jason chief it's before he left he was talking about putting a bill end to sell two point four million acres of public land's off and we know that there's been things through the antiquities act they've tried to do so we have to watch this very closely because i do think that they're real goal is to pull back all of this to the point that you would have no or little regulation and things that people really we support i mean everyone wants to have clean water and clean and food that that's safe in a workplace that safe and if you don't have those things in place you're going to have real problems and yet i think that's the rollbacks that.

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