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So much more nights September twenty of the twenty first the mobile arena here in Las Vegas you can be there in person just listen for your next chance to text in when Mike piazza hurricane Dorian doing its destruction over the Bahamas Bahamian prime minister Hubert minutes with reporters like nothing I've never been through it it really feel like you are helpless and that you how good depends solely on the murder of the good lord Dorian hit the Bahamas the cat five storm with wind gusts over two hundred miles per hour the national hurricane center calling the storms hit a life threatening situation a remembrance for victims of the West Texas mass shooting that left seven dead and almost two dozen injured Midland Texas mayor Jerry Morales at the university of Texas Permian basin are you stronger than ever that this idiot can not break our faith police say the thirty six year old suspect killed by police during a car chase was using an A. R. style white America is listening by accu weather forecast a couple of showers overnight lows sixty two humid with periods of rain and a thunderstorm for your Labor Day Monday high seventy three partly sunny and Tuesday high seventy eight humid Wednesday with more clouds than sun a shower thunderstorm in the afternoon high eighty one clouds and sunshine Thursday high sixty nine I'm Melissa Daniels newsradio eight ten one of three one W. G. Y. the capital region's breaking news traffic and weather station Americans are always on the move they're in the car or at the office or working around the house Americans refused to six do you connect with all those moving targets easy with radio radio reaches ninety three percent of Americans every week more than Google Facebook and even television because Hey who has time to sit and watch TV so when you want to connect with others constantly moving adults teens in millennials gets you I heart media dot com and put a am FM radio to work for your company thanks for calling one eight hundred got junk can you help me with spring cleaning even if it's not spring time sure we can do that we bring this spring time with us this is going to be a lot of junk in times of volume of the pickup truck but you pay only for the percentage of the truck with your people help me move this stuff all you have to do is point you can imagine when you want to give happiness call one eight hundred got junk eight hundred got junk dot com message and data rates may apply if you're considering going back to school ask yourself the following questions do you need the flexibility to take classes in your schedule do you have college credits to transfer.

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