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Looking for topics and, you know, I refer to him as my spiritual adviser by mentor, the guy who produces the reds broadcast every night and has been for over a quarter of a century, who we talking about would be Dave Armbruster did his friends call him, yet, you're not prepared. You're not you're not qualified. Call him yet by the way, shaky. So he came up with a great topic. And it was something I read about we all read about recently, Edwin Jackson, Edwin Jackson recently signed onto the got traded to the Toronto Blue Jays in a trade with the Oakland Athletics, and he is set an already set a major league record with his fourteenth career team played for. Real quickly, Chicago Cubs. The Orioles Marlins Padres now with a Toronto Blue Jays dodgers Braves raise White Sox Diamondbacks. Washington nationals Oakland Athletics. The Saint Louis cardinals and the Detroit Tigers what does that say about him the ball player? He might be the ultimate survivor that says a lot more than that. I mean everybody wants Edwin Jackson I mean he can still pitch to it's amazing. I mean fourteen teams and I got a little insight on Edward Jackson because hunter played with him and AAA in Edward Jackson was with the nationals last year in AAA. He said, he's the greatest guy near you're gonna get traded. You gotta be a good guy, right? Because that means people want you the more you're traded the better guy you are seeing, but he took care of all those guys in the locker room. He'd order out food for the spread after the game a real class act. But. Fourteen teams still got some stuff with them, though. He he can pitch a little bit Edwin Jackson. A major league record fourteen now with the Toronto. Blue Jays and Tracy. I'll be back in a moment. Whatever.

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