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To go public at a school board meeting what's her plan so any arrives the library of golden valley high school her school and she's not really sure who's going to show up she knows her family is with her couple of her friends but the room is filled save and people have signs that say house tag Merced two shirts that say stand with Anne she's an atheist so during the public comment session a couple union leaders come up to speak and then if any is term my daughter didn't want me to speak tonight because she's afraid I'm going to lose my job when I'm done speaking on January fifth twenty eighteen I received a notice from the Merced Union High School district that per the findings of an independent investigator it was concluded that a male colleague did in fact engage in highly inappropriate behaviors as it related to the touching of my body and so my focus for tonight is not the findings of the independent investigator but the subsequent handling of my claims by the district and more importantly a call for systemic change within this district so any speaking to a group of nine men all of them are leaders or administrators in the school district and this group includes Ralph Calder on eight out of ten and you HST students are people of color the majority of teachers and administrators are white and that reflects the town as well the town has been minority white for twenty years about but the power is often held in the hands of white male figures and begin taking steps to pro actively reshape this institution her speech goes on she had people ready to yield to their public speaking minutes to her if necessary and they did and it's a fiery speech by the end I hope the board has the courage to use its power to make positive change and I hope this change happen sooner rather than later.

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