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Power to more than half a million of its customers with the vast majority of New Orleans expected to have power back tomorrow. Stephen Bashar ha from member station WGBH M reports hundreds of thousands along the Gulf Coast. Though good without power for much of the month. Most people in New Orleans have their lights back on. But some neighborhoods like Venetian Iowa's will have to wait longer because of how badly they were damaged. Crews are having to used cranes to lift down polls over homes along the Gulf Coast damages. Even worse, some people may have to wait until October to get power restored about 30,000 parables have been knocked out across the state, more than the number damaged by hurricanes. Delta, Zeta and Katrina combined Energy says customers should not expect the price are paying for electricity to go up. But months from now, Louisiana residents could see steeper power bills when regulators factor in the cost of restoring the grid for NPR News. I'm Stephen Base. Ah ha. The Taliban have formed an interim government in Afghanistan. As NPR's Jackie Northam explains. Among the senior leaders are battle hardened fighters who are core members of the organization. Afghanistan's interim government is made up of the Taliban's old guard. The new leader is Mullah Mohammad Hassan, a Kunde. He's considered a hardliner from Kandahar and is headed the Taliban's leadership Council for 20 years. The deputy prime minister is Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who heads up the Taliban's political office and was widely expected to become leader. There was no mention about the group's spiritual leader. Nor was there any indication that the new Afghan government would be inclusive involving other political parties and players as the Taliban had hinted, and there was no mention of a woman holding a ministerial role. Jackie Northam. NPR NEWS ISLAMABAD Some technical glitches appear to be causing problems. El Salvador says it is the first country to formally adopt Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is legal tender in its first few hours of adoption, even the country's president admitted problems with the initial rollout. On Wall Street. The Dow was down 269 points. This is NPR. At a three or four. This is KCRW news. I'm Matt Gillam. Amazon warehouse workers and advocates held a rally in Ontario today asking California lawmakers to pass assembly Bill 701. The measure would require warehouse employers like Amazon to disclose productivity quotas they impose on their workers and ban those that go against health and safety laws like punishing people for bathroom breaks. Sahariar Cow's Ghee is the executive director of the Warehouse Worker Resource Center. There are over 250,000 warehouse workers in Southern California. Many of these workers work under excessive quotas and pace of work rates. We believe that 87 or one will give workers reasonable protections against injuries and other issues that come Amazon warehouses have an injury rate that is twice the rate of other warehouses. You senior Barrera is a former Amazon worker from the inland Empire. I was injured at an Amazon trying to keep up with the pace of work. And Amazon did not care if they showed No type of interest in me being injured. Was hit in the eye and their response to me getting hit in the face was giving me a paper towel and told me to run it under cold water. Amazon says their performance targets are based on merit over time. The state Senate is set to vote on the bill this week before the legislative session ends. Residents who fled South Lake Tahoe because of the calendar fire are being allowed back home. Other communities remain in limbo that includes grizzly flats between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, which is where the fire first started nearly a month ago. Sergeant Eric Palm Berg with the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office says there's a lot of damage crews are trying to sift through. We literally have thousands, if not tens of thousands of trees that have been burned that a lot of those are going to be cut down as hazards. There's just a very large amount of debris up there. PGD is making repairs. Hamburg says Getting utilities Up and running hasn't been the only big challenge. Those homes do not currently have water because grizzly flat water is still trying to repair their service lines. So that is another reason so the infrastructure in the area Trying to make the repairs. Get that all up to speed. Crews continue to make progress on containing the Cal door fire. It's now about half surrounded, but there are still areas of concern around Kirkwood ski resort in the towns of Christmas Valley in Echo Lake. Meanwhile, to the north, thousands of firefighters continue to battle the Dixie Fire, which is now closing in.

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