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No. And. The dog is the Instagram celebrity. Oh, have you been briefed? Well, I. Just about the judge just about the dog. I started like I initially move. I was going to start posting pictures of cats catches doesn't really do anything. Yeah. So then I started. On snapchat. I started drawing wieners on the cat. Well, the cat doesn't. Then the do doing anything. I can just draw dogs. Kitty cat chat y'all on on or near the cat. And but then I just decided like, and then a certain point. I I looked at myself in the mirror, and I'm like, you're in your forties. Is this really what you should be doing with your life? You know, your friend dam from the damn bent, Anthony. Yes. Yes. He likes to don's on phase two. This. This is very much line with the Dan Finnity that I know. I don't know what it is. It's just something about I enjoy the fact that the cat is just being a cat. Yeah. And has no concept that I'm drawing horrible things on. No fun, but a complete spoiled asshole house, you're done. Poppy is an angel. She's. Underscore the lease on this degrom dot com. She she is she's like a rescue rights issue when I got her. She was like all Trombley, and she's also Pommard inches default yet, but she just always been like a sweet little baby girl, but she is a former sex worker. So she. I don't have to go to national next week in some shows. And so my Mary hilson come with me as I think she's from the streets and Asheville rats national. So I want to try to find her family and go to the that. That's great. Do are you going to bring her do everywhere? Yeah. In business class, sometimes they like combined. They try to check her because I think she's a coca so fucking. Oh, that's true stuff in the overhead. Yeah. Fuck that. Did you believe something loud that to happen? That's crazy. I mean, if you're the owner just feeling I'm getting off this plane. This is insane. Because. Somewhere in your brain. You would have to run all the historical data, and I've never heard of a dog being put in a bin. But at some point like that there was just no oversight in that person's like, yeah. Okay. It seems fun. I don't know. That'd be said. I don't know. I don't know. How long the flight would it had to be for the for the dog drop? Do you? Don't you ever talk? Quiet, quiet. Okay. Actually, we don't do a lot of these New York and actually lives in New York. So. Ash actually are east coast guests. And so you know, she doesn't. But now is the now is the opportunity, but you guys know each other for years. We don't we met on this site. It's like, but for podcast booker's. Okay. Cool. So we met for coffee, and then she was like, okay. Take to the next level and book guests for your podcast. Yeah. But Booker BB. Okay. Are I think was the as the don't we gonna make that? That's a good idea. What they call like when girls get we'll sunk get dunked like, hey Hooker..

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