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The loss of johnny oh is another really devastating but that one so yes showers close so that one lever kinda gave of revenge edberg of time limit yeah history is changing things all around us to lose development yes one of the things i would be believer in the his echoes but for your purposes if you don't have some kind of structure or physical peace of history it's very very difficult is it nonetheless yeah you have to i mean that's what i think it's the sort of these eight and when you go to a museum you go there because they object has resonance in wet like telling the stories of the hit of the city you have to see you see a building and it means more he now others there there could be you know a a tour or like we were talking about the gangster tour where they show you a parking lot and if you say you see england owen ya ymt mena's much be gotta actual physical building and i had this whole tour i design enough fault market all about the meat packing his three and after i've i totally add to change the entire thing because at one of the coolest relics on the whole tour it doesn't exist anymore and then i now the naked doesn't have any meat backer england business his sheep ruscio yeah so now i change the toured we've got this fulton market food tour and it's really about neighborhoods in the rapid dramatic gesture of that area of energy do of water repeat visitors gas we get people who may be come to this city like once a year and the they've like made it a tradition now that on a tour with us and we get auto repeat business with private groups to and i know you do the tribune toe room summer tour yar historic chicago locking bar tourist starts here yet going to be really interesting driven has been sold them it's going to be redone aaa the doorman at the tribune condo building were may be say no i know this is a air you right why are you and i share this kind of uh is dumped discuss voted scanavacca i shock i think gasol he l canada's go with the flaw yeah yeah nadelmann buildings go dramatic walkabout some very specific things effort short commercial.

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