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A couple of touchdown passes for catch is I should say for Chris Carson is thesame hawks and of the Falcons at the bright 14 to 12 Josh Allen, a huge firsthand for Buffalo to passing touchdowns rushing touchdown. He's also fumbled twice a Jets territory. Still, the bills ahead of the Jets 21 23 at the half. Lions on a 13 6 advantage on the Bear's. That's also in halftime, so his Packers Vikings Aaron Rodgers within a couple of touchdown scores wanted Davante Adams is already over 100 yards 20 to 10 Packers up in Minnesota. Cam Newton with a rushing touchdown for New England as the Patriots upon the Delphin 73. They've just begun the third quarter halftime in Washington Eagle 17. The Washington football team seven. The Raiders on top of the Panthers, 17 15. They're about to start the second half and the Jaguars air trailing the Colts in Jacksonville, 17. 14 Colts runback Marlon Mack was carted off. He is officially questionable to return. Despite wildfires in the area. The 40 Niners in cardinals are scheduled to play at 4 25 Eastern, as scheduled the big late game that features Tom Brady, making his Buccaneers debut in New Orleans. Turns out the Saints were interested in Brady following Drew Brees, but that only in the event that breeze retired this offseason. He didn't so now the brain the Saints will deal with Brady. In the NFC Self Game six Clippers trying to move on and face the Lakers in the Western Conference finals. 68 49 the Clippers a commanding lead on the Nuggets to remember though they blew us 15 point second half lead to the Nuggets in Game five. Meanwhile, the Lakers four games to one, demolishing the Rockets changing things in Houston head coach Mike D'Antoni plans to tell the team's ownership that he won't return, according to Adrian, Watch, Djurovski. Not much traditional star power at the US Open final Dominic team and Alexander's Farrant battling for a first Grand Slam title on Pete McCarthy, this is Jim Rome. Join me in the jungle weekdays, noon Eastern nine. Pacific. I will see that.

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