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The desert slim Gaillard and slam Stewart. Back. Javan everybody jumping. Buffalo swimming through biggest thing everybody. On bombs. Men who own bow mountain. If you wanna dance and saw, thanks. But here's the thing. Everybody jumping. Jay. Dance. Nice. Do. Please. Oh. Bill. Way too. Sarah Vaughan for I'll build a stairway to paradise weird Palm Springs jump before that slim Gaillard in sad, slam Stewart songbook at ninety three point nine FM WNYC. If you enjoyed hearing a big show tune from the great era of the late forties early. Fifties prime. Let's rinse and repeat with Peggy leagues. I'm gonna wash that man. Right. I'm gonna wash that man. Right. I'm gonna wash that man. Right. On his way. I'm going away madman thrown away. Uh-huh. Hi. On his way. No. A wash drying up. Cancel. And let him go. I'm gonna wash that man. My hair was bad, man. I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hands. Him on his way. If you laugh, different comics. Rude. We've no more show. Robin. And. Fire. You can make a butterfly. Cash draw. Fixing egg. Quite good. And you can't fix and win. You can put back pedal falls from. Sweden fellow when he starts turning..

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