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I think brian you know originally told us when we started seeing the name. And and you see the ro- tie in and and they you know they've kind of folded the you know the stable name and then to some degree in their horses that they're naming but You started this philly actually You know late last fall and How many horses do they have. And what's their origin. He's actually from trinidad originally You know i've only got two horses firm up here And i'm not sure. How many brian house. I don't think he has a big stable. Horses altogether He he does breed a few mirrors on a yearly basis and You know i mean. Usually kind of goes to the sales and in kind of up. Gr- tries to upgrade. Obviously his stock You know this really came to me as a two year old last season We made a couple of starts with her and I thought her her last race on synthetic surface was actually a very decent race She was kind of forward. Day wasn't beating out far And then kind of went Went so for the winter and Brian did a great job where obviously She kind of Matured over the winter when she came back to me She had really kind of devolved into a nice good looking three year. Old filly From a physical standpoint and Obviously she was in good form and You know ran a good race in the selene. Farrah's honor kinda start back and i thought She's been a kind of move forward off of that reysen She she did that yesterday. In the In the oaks she came from off the pace and ended up. You know kind of blowing by the there was. There was some spirited. Some spirited action upfront. Talk about justin stein's ride and was patient and it wasn't yeah they didn't go. They went evenly. Let's say that they didn't necessarily go fast But boy When she came calling There was no doubt about it. Know the race on paper. It seemed like it was gonna transpire with a higher hot pace There were a lot of philly's kinda stretching out for the first time so you were kind of expecting Maybe a little bit of a tussle on the front end. I i thought it was going to be more more of a an honest kinda hot or pay upfront than it was but just are filling a good spot and you know she had clear one the whole time and When when he called on her she gave him all she had and She proved to be To be best..

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