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Your truly thoughts. Nike is the only person here. Who's intent on business and getting paid. That's where your social issues sit today in two thousand eighteen, but it's still an important issue whether Nike decides to commercialize it or not. It can still be an important issue. Even as a sneaker campaign might feel like it cheapens it, but let's get more will Cain here. You can hear him everyday after our show. I don't work up the level of outrage of the people out there, obviously burning their Nikes on social media or even those that are upset about it. I'm not upset about it. Not said about Nike Knopp said about capital. The only thing I would say is this day DEA the cabinet sacrificed. Everything. That to me was a misstep that's a message that could upset people and that a message understandably like really becoming the spokesman for Nike getting multimillion dollar endorsement campaign with Nike giving a pro football career that sacrificing everything I understand people that go, please put that in context. Even on these issues. Look at guys, you don't have to do the military thing. You don't have to talk about the people have given up. In your life. You can even talk about the people who gave up in the fight for civil rights much more than the everything. It's insinuated. Colin cabinet gave up. It's just a little much to say Colin Kaepernick, sacrificed everything after Stephen as show. That's a fun. What we'll hear from Stephen a. on this issue because of kapernick is being discussed somewhere. He sometimes will arrive as well by bumper car or by rocket ship, or by by the transportation out of Syracuse from the Syracuse football locker room. Stephen, a Smith can also be heard after our show and he had opinions on Colin Kaepernick. We're not aware to capitol knew it would sacrifice everything because he didn't announce to the world what he was doing. He just took a knee and the local and national media ignored it for weeks. And then after he was asked, he told them why he was taking the knee, but even after that, he was still on a roster, he was still playing. And when he left the opted out of his own contract cabinet wasn't aware, it would cost them everything. There was no plan. He. Here. Why do you think the players coalition got they own plan but cap, Nick every day was another terms of teammates have the own vision. There's no orchestrated devised plan here. This never been. He meant Eric Reid. Yeah, you can't hear both after our show. That's impossible. They don't do a show together. It's Stephen a. after us will Cain does three eight, six. We're done on a radio station. We're no radio network, but they they do do a show together though, and that show is for stay. Right. But he Dan, it said both those guys shows were on after our show here on the radio station. They are both after our ES but not directly after hours. I mean, we'll k. and you gotta sit through two hours of Stephen, a Smith until you get before you get to will Cain. That's why I just, I'm not certain if you knew the lineup, that's all directly after us. Right. And then the the other ones directly after that, that is correct. Yes. Yup. Stephen, a. first and then we'll Kane is second, right? Let's hear some more from Stephen, a Smith on how Nike has hijacked this story. Everybody sitting up there and they saying Nike, Nike ahead of the curb Nike on the right side of history, Nike, Nike, Nike. Well, Bravo, Nike. Congratulations for being so damn OB. Obvious. Here's my question, the Nike where the hell have you been two years for the list? Two years. You have been paying Colin captaining. Where would he advertisements? Where was the marketing? Where would it t shirts and shoes? Where was that at those merchandise? What was going on you bit late to the party and so that Nike has jumped on a bandwagon essentially hijacking, the issue of selves. We go find us talking about what Nike did instead of what Colin cabinet supposedly intended. So hijack it sooner is the point you're going to hijack this story..

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