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Yeah. I. Don't think that physical beauty is there for its own sake and you'll hear Joe talk about that about why you know he sort of worked so hard on what the imagery of the book was going to be and how that relates the medically to the subject matter. Is the before we get started I'm curious whether you read a lot of comics and I know that you have a kindergartner in the house and I wonder if she's discovered that particular joy of graphic form like I think it's really a thing for kids today in a way that it wasn't when I was a child but I still think there is some lingering snobbery about the genre that may be reading a graphic novel which many kids do especially kids your daughter's age and like my younger son's age. that. Maybe it's not the same as reading a book that's just comprised of words with the occasional illustration. snobbery drives me nuts at the same time. You know Iris's just learning to read. So we haven't quite like made the jump to a lot of graphic novels. There's a couple that we've read with her, but I'm very much looking forward to her doing. So because I love comics, I, Love Them I don't have as much time to read them now as I used to because of how much reading I just have to do for various jobs but. You. Know I was really lucky in this respect to graduate from college in two thousand one and to be working in a bookstore a couple years after that, which was during this real boomtime almost a speculative bubble of graphic novels and comics works for adults. You can think of Chris ware doing major work during that period Dan Clouds Alison Bechtel, a lot Kyle Baker. A lot of important artists were doing really fascinating groundbreaking work and Joe was absolutely one of them. His most recent book before paying the land of footnotes in. Gaza is really I think kind of like the crowning achievement of that moment of the market has changed since then it's very different but but I, absolutely love comics..

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