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Community organizer say activism can't just be for show that people must take action cheap. Dia's agrees. Please continue to report by senses is We will not allow this to occur. I will do everything in my power to uphold ensure that we hold people accountable for this level of hate, according to the National Coalition, stop a P I hate in the last 12 months. Some 3795 self reports of anti hate incidents have been reported. Also Saturday Group of protesters in downtown Seattle left messages behind for Seattle police. It was a small group and one arrest was made. One message targeted chief Diaz himself. That message reads Adrien de as your next We did reach out to both Seattle police and a spokesperson for the chief for comment. We're still waiting to hear back As far as that arrest that was made. We're working to learn what that person was actually arrested for that's call. Most. Steve McCarron and a teen is in critical condition after being shot in Renton happened late Saturday afternoon in the area east of Rent and Technical College. A Northeast third court. No arrests so far but reading police tweeted. There's no additional threats to the public. They believe the male teen who was shot knows the shooter or shooters. Come on, Whose time is 12 10 as we head over to the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk, A big game for Gonzaga. Dave Lewis has the latest Good afternoon, everybody. The undefeated Gonzaga Bulldogs, the favorite to win the championship, trying to punch their ticket to the Final eight. On top of creating at the break. 43 33 shooting 61% of the floor and Renee Harden and do Timmy Bulls with 12 points to pace the Zags. The age of 400. Roman has told ESPN that the Senate will sign with the Lakers once he clears waivers at five P.m. Eastern defending champions have had inconsistent play The center spot with Marcus Soul and mantra is heroin. Oklahoma City is waived guard Austin Rivers, who was acquired at the trade deadline from the New York Knicks once again. Halftime scores eggs on top of Creighton 43 33 Sports attended 40 past the hour. I'm Dave Lewis. Come on News. Macy's VIPs sale is going on now get an extra 30% off the latest spring arrivals and all the brands you love with your coupon or Macy's card.

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