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We're back thank you. How Spend Jackson Keith? Others a phone call Adamy. Oh really yet please okay. Hello Oh am I the one hundred caller no no. You're you're the sixty eighth caller on on the show. Who is this please? Hi It's Carol Carol Burnett. It is not we are. That sounds plausible. Is this really carol? Burnett not really is everybody. No come on Kale Kill are you. Are you aware that you can win? Any appliance from Roger. Federer's appliance store. As well as you can hang out without a map to the game. If you're the hundred caller what do I have to do? You have one hundred dollar. Well you know. I'll call back when I can be the one hundred sixty eight. I want to be one hundred okay. Eight is good though. Maybe we can get you like a tennis ball or something from Roger Federer's okay. How're you fixed for toilet paper? We'll all right. Maybe we could win that. What do you think that's a good idea? Actually that's a really good idea. Well you know maybe once we exhaust the hundred calls which I know Adam is really happy about having this contest. Oh yes I love it. Did you know that Roger Federer the tennis star has an appliance store? No your role. You're getting. You're getting sucked into Paula's web of lies all right. I'm used to lying. I watched the news. Oh It depends it depends which new now how are you? How are you and yours holding up during the have you taken to eating marshmallows during the no? We're doing okay. I've got my my my husband and I are here and we have a our kitty cat and one day goes into the next day and then the next but we're staying somewhat. Shane by Doing Crossword Puzzles and watching good. Old movie excellent. What was the most recent old movie that you watched? Oh my gosh well. We watched In the rain which I know by heart but I love it singing in the rain. The music man. August To Catches Steve Gaslight all about Eve all those good old you know those are great. Santa raise my wife's favorite movie. I rented a theater for a big birthday for her. Oh Gosh every number is a show stopper. It's absolutely. Oh it's just wonderful to watch it. I I love. This show kept stopping a metaphorical showstopper. Paula I the concession stand. Must've been going crazy on when that was in the theater. Did you see it in the theater? Carol yes I'm that old a Debbie Reynolds was at you. Know she was in it and she was. I think nineteen or twenty years old when she made that movie and she was a year older than I am and so I was eighteen and so I saw the movie in the theater. But then we have it here and it's just like a ritual. I watch it every year and it holds up so great. It's it's wonderful. I recommend it to anybody who can get it. You know. And of course it's a wonderful life with charged that was Stewart's favorite movie and it was Katherine Favorite Movie. They yeah wonderful lot and it bombed when it first came out really. Yep Yep and then what happened was it became a cult classic every Christmas. And so then it just you know and it caught on but when it first came out. It didn't do well at all that I'm on moving giving me. Why have a fantastic piece of singing in the rain Trivia that my wife tells me almost on an annual basis when we watched the movie with their kids which wild filming the iconic singing in the rain number out in the rain gene? Kelly had one hundred and three fever. Yes yes oh you knew that you did. I've met him years ago and we talked about that I was at some function. Then he where he was and I said that was just the greatest number and he said that he was so sick when they were doing it but he had to do it because it was all set up with the the you know the rain and this and that and uh yeah and so maybe that's why his eyes are shining and then of course Donald O'connor doing make them laugh. I mean he knocked himself out for that one and then when it was finished she had to take two weeks off to rest why because he had one hundred and four degree temperature and he was very this is this is little known. Trivia. Carol that they might not have told you what. Donald O'Connor was very jealous of a gene Kelly and so he purposely got himself a higher fever. We're so good together though. Oh my God. He was so jealous of Gene Kelly. That like after they finished shooting the singing in the rain number. Donald O'Connor went out there to the street set an licked every lamppost at Gene Kelly. That that's that's that's a rumor that might be true. And then of course the wonderful Jean Hagen. Who was the billinness in? The movie was so fun. She's my favorite in the whole thing. The unsung hero of the film. Or out funny. She was doing. I remember when Robert Mueller wouldn't testify and wouldn't testify wouldn't testify yes. I was almost certain that when he finally to testify he was going to say. I can't stand it. I thought for sure he was just ashamed. His voice yes exactly. Yeah like he was gonNA assist. He was GONNA sit down and go yeah go. He boarded informally honestly. Yeah Yeah it now Mickey Mouse yes. You drifted Carol. I gotta say with all due respect to Tom. Hanks I have to say Carol. I hope you are the hundredth caller. Eventually in this contest. Because what else is one hundred? Caller Win Paula. They they went any appliance they want from. Roger Federer's appliance store. And they get to hang out with that after the game. So I'm into that. Keep calling back at of enough. I Really WanNa do it you guys. I have to ask my coworkers. Did you guys know that it was Carol Burnett before she said it was coburn? No Paula? How are we supposed to guess such things crying? Tony? I am crying. Tony as is speechless. I'm Joyce I'm like. Oh my gosh well. That's not quite speechless anymore. Never we love you. Carol Burnett Care I want to thank you so so much for doing this and you know. I took time out of my busy schedule during the panthers. Yeah Yeah I had so many other things to do I actually. I'm I'm glad that you put on the back burner for us. That's really flattering. Well thank you know the next time I call. It'll be number one hundred. And I just I I think I would like a blender blender right. Yeah so just put down. Yeah yeah then. I'll call in their damaged appliances so it's a blender that will mix some things but not all all well no but I don't want that I think of something else. All right we're getting you damage blender I'll buy you a blender care everybody stay safe okay you too and thank you so much for calling in talking to you be good. They safe and Sane Youtube until thank you so much. I'm pulling my ear for you. Walk by love you to take care. Okay Bye bye bye my God come through your what Paula poundstone came through Adam. Adam low two hundred. You're not you're not one hundred caller caller number sixty mets. That's good number club year. You didn't even hear.

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