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There is a sense of pride by that now goes into game forget scheme is just that the fact that you beat me and you beat me up i'm going to go out there and i'm looking kick your butt your i don't care what coach dow's up blitz no blitz wherever it is arm ongoing hundred miles an hour so i feel like if georgia has any sense of pride leadership that that is going to be a huge factor going against auburn and it's going to be the reason that they win a very close game heart i'm going auburn here i feel like even though i'm worried obviously pet ways been out carryon johnson still not sure martin gets banged up then it's a big super beta issue right there it area how could i not pele keiron's outweigh i mean we've already moved past mccarron has been so good and then he goes out with a shoulder injury but stood him was so good running the football against alabama he arrogant down on third down there's no reason why can't do that again the thing about those lime bags at dealine might they they're going to you'd think that they were nasty last weekend prior weeks before the arbor game and they're they're coming yeah jeff hall and every look has an acc so all right we gotta run three at three more of these gonna be quicker the aacc number one clemson versus number seven miami probably figured that out yeah we'll be quick on this miami note no reasons why dismaying okay eggacados honor every go to war knob elite twelve outflow hulme versus number eleven see you on taking up baker mayfield he's a heisman trophy winner and when you have a phenomenal quarterback playing at the low he's playing you gotta take that as much as i love tcu sooner their defense and take oklahoma.

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