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Yes up good i. That was my favorite read of the book. The audio read. You didn't about eight hours. I think i think the book rate is six and a half hours audible but it took eight out. People can take a four days long time. But i i guess because i lived the stories and wrote them. I knew the punchline was coming new the next care there was so fun doing all the voices and all nala intonations of people we have to because it's to hear your intents and to hear when things are light or would hear things have gravity or to you know is we're gonna be doing the emotional back on reading the book but to hear you perform it really is like spending you know six hours just hanging out with you and it does. It does feel like a hangout. At which think is harshly why the book is doing so well and also people are just fascinated by you as a creature. I think they it and it doesn't the storytelling in the aphorisms. And the kind of like you know southern country lawyer you know it it all just. It's almost like the holy fuck. I'm listening to matthew mcconaughey. Do a matthew mcconaughey character. It's fucking amazing. I love it. it's just fun. it's just fun to listen to it and the sort of the philosophical. Because i've noticed you've done. I know i was very fascinated by the fact that you've done some of the more philosophical podcast you could ryan holidays. Did russell brands. And you know. I would say this. One is on the cost of that that that kind of like or does it. All mean mankind of podcasts. You know but but but but the tone of it is is really your philosophical journey and about halfway through. I was like i think mcconnell as like a truth gifter. He's like he's trying to con the universe and then later in the book you go. Yeah i think. I'm like a gift or i don't know a my daughter or my just trying to. I'm like holy shit. You feel that way. I'm trying to work out the riddle. Like everybody else and trying to get away with what i can jonah. Pick out some things that that that that lasts trying to find some non rely on a world where it's hard to find those. It's it. I assure believe life game. We're all on the. We're all same rodeo. Trying to get our eight second and you know sometimes that means knowing your zone sometimes that means call an audible rivalry right at the time. Sometime that means sticking with the plan You know life sport so sometimes you do that griffin sometimes you gotta hustle and sometimes you gotta hustle and bustle sense of the word words and then as i say step and shit a lot allowed times along the way and you know how you feel about it after stepping in shit is really kind of one of the arts of living goes if you dwell and you know how bad your luck was. It doesn't do anything about the shit. She stepped in right. You still shit. You know what i mean. You have to get a stick and like scrap it out of the bottom of your shoe know no matter how many times you shouted. It's not the shit's just not gonna and and in you know and if you are the one that has to scrape the shit off of your shoe that you just stepped in. Will you can either him in hallway scraping off or you can giggle and go. Of course. I think while you're scraping off the same. I mean i do. I do kinda wonder how. Because i think.

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