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Of Chinese companies. Tic Tac obviously gets the most attention. We chat, though, will be banned, effective Sunday. That is a big deal. We chat has about a billion monthly users worldwide. It's a staple as in fact, you just heard of the Chinese American community here in the U. S. Millions of people use it to stay in touch and also to buy stuff. Marketplaces Jasmine Garst reports starting Sunday. Users in the U. S will no longer be able to download our update, Tic tac and we chat. Also, they won't be able to make payments through we chat, which could be a big deal to many of the millions of we chat users in America who used the platform to send money back to China. Professor Dan Wang teaches at Columbia Business School. We Junpei is the world's largest Hayman's platform. This is so ubiquitous that if you're a visitor to China, and you don't have a wee chat account, it is very difficult to pay for anything. So for millions in America, we chat is the way to buy goods and send money to China. Professor Ari Lightman from Carnegie Mellon says. Now those people will have to find complete alternate ways. Associate ID with receiving renew Marais shin or or paying various different things, which is going to be very problematic and troublesome. William Wong in North Carolina is already trying to figure it out. He sends his family in China money for bills and goods through we chat sometime. We need to buy something from China to get a ship here used reach at the paid our friends or family. To make that purchase for a Wang says the band will be a headache. But he's more worried about how it will affect his parents, which had is the way they stay in touch with family back in China. My concern is for my parents that they cannot talk to. Their family or my extended family. I guess anymore. If we chat, then it's just cruel. Wang says he hasn't yet told them about the wee chap band. I'm jasmine Guards for marketplace..

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