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Hey it's Marie forleo and you are watching TV the place to be to create a business and life you love and this is cuny to stack and today's question comes from Tracy and she writes hi Marie I'm starting to make a name for myself and my friends and strangers are coming out of the woodwork asking if they can pick my brain or bounce ideas off off me or grab a coffee to ask me about my business and share their ideas first of all I feel like they should buy my product a training program that would answer most of their questions but I don't WanNa see money hungry or super sales e with my friends second <music>. I'm busy building and running my own business and I don't have the time to spare. I'm not sure how to deal with this. I've just been ignoring all request and feeling guilty. What do I say to people who WanNa grab coffee or pick my brain tracy? This is a great question. She didn't something so many of us struggle with. I know it can feel really uncomfortable to say no but when you ignore things like this it completely nags at you you feel guilty as you've already said and plus all these requests keyed up a ton of your mental and emotional bandwidth remember that people are always grateful for an honest answer especially when it's delivered a loving and Compassionate Way and remember there's lots of ways that you can help people for free spur example. You can direct people to blog content. You can do a set amount of pro bono work. You can offer scholarships however if you're starting to get bombarded with tons of requests for people to pick your brain or meet for coffee and you don't want to do it here are three scripts that you can use script number one. This spice girl script or in my work schedule is full so coffee is not doable these days. Are you interested in becoming a client or do you just have a quick question. This makes the asker get real about what they really want from you. So if they want to become a client you can direct them to yourself material and if they have a question they know they'll need to be really quick script number to pay me mother hubbub. Look I know you don't WanNa seem overly sales -I but you've gotta get your experience experience and your expertise are valuable loss. You deserve to earn an honest living my friend Todd Herman has this great analogy for brain pickers and I think it can really help shift your mindset. Here's how he puts it. Would you ever walk into a store walk. Walk up and grab clothes off Iraq and then walk out without paying of course not because that would be stealing still brain picker. Don't expect to walk into my head. Grab everything you want and walk out without paying. Here's a classy way of directing people to your product or program. I'm not available for lunch but you should really consider getting my LANC. It's all of my best thinking in one place and I created to help people in your exact situation or if you don't have a product. Dr Program try this. I don't have time to grab a coffee unless we're doing it as an official business meeting and my charge consultation if your game is script number three blaming among the toughest one can be when it semi social and they wanna WanNa grab coffee to get to know you want to network and likely pick your brain f why they will pick your brain so you know how this goes. Hey Murray I love what you do you like you and me were like the same person percents bananas right so I'm really into meeting like minded people and expanding my network of awesome powerful woman and I'd love to meet with you and have coffee some time. Would you be up for that well. What are you going to say no? I don't have time for new friends actually yes. You are going to see that but here's a nice way to say it so you don't come across like an arrogant d. bag now if you don't know what a d. bag is. I'm going to tell you but I don't WanNa get yelled out because there's a bunch of bags out there. Who Love to yell at me? I have a rule if. I don't have time to see my mother. I don't have time to meet New People for coffee and right now. I Oh my Mama visit the seriously. I'm sure we have a blast and I hope you're not insulted but my work schedule is packed and I've gotta pass the bottom line. Is this and you bet your buns. It's tweakable if they want to pick your brain asthma pick a time and a method of payment because at the end of the day if you want people to value your time you I'll have to put a value on it tracy. That was my aid to your queue. Hopefully these scripts have helped now. I would love to hear from you. Do you have a Go-to way to answer people who want to pick your brain or take you out for coffee or have you ever. I've been that person who's asking to take someone out to coffee or pick their brain where you handled elegantly. I would love to hear your story as always the best discussions happen after the episode at Marie Forleo Dot Com so go there and leave a comment now. Did you like this video I did if you did subscribe to the channel and share it with your friends and if you want even more great resources to create a business in a life that you love plus some personal insights for me that I only talk about any male. Get Your buns over to.

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