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Sunflower Bank member F D I. C. This is big Al and Joe Joe. They can't uh, Peyton Manning, who by the way through out the first pitch at the All Star game yesterday, and, um Started bounced it to the catcher. Although he was putting some he did throw with some sauce behind it. He wasn't just trying to get it over the plate. He was trying to get it over the plate in a hurry, which I can respect that. But Peyton as he's getting ready to go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which is going to be, uh, outstanding because there's two different classes going in This year because of what happened last year. Peyton Manning spoke to the media today and first and foremost, he talked about his dad. Archie being a mentor to him. You know, my dad never coached me growing up, but it was kind of my mentor and, uh, his rule was I had to ask him for help. Uh, for football, he was glad to do it. As long as I was kind of initiating it. So it wasn't like Dad was volunteering the information we weren't We just talking about this, Alfred. Not even to his son, right? I mean, there's Listen. We had this conversation earlier and we didn't get a chance to Go any further on it, but You know, great. Great. Players are stubborn to give away the inside secrets because it's what makes them great players. And if I know, like Peyton Manning knows you've put a lot of work in the learning those secrets. You just don't give them away. You're talking about a guy who set an NFL record. Throwing interceptions as a rookie. That's who Peyton Manning is. Okay, but he's also the guy that came back and when he retired, was all time leading passer in NFL history as far as yards and touchdowns. That's who he was, as he finished, But that's not the way he started. And I guarantee you those lessons that he learned in that first year are very valuable. And he guarded those lessons. Like most people do in our business, Uh, Peyton talked about coming to Denver in free agency. Denver, you know, took a chance on me. I never I'll never forget it because it was. It was, uh, there was a dicey time. There were nobody. Quite sure, including me. Uh, I knew what was gonna happen and ended up being a great place to go. I mean, you got to remember when Peyton came here. He had been coming off the next surgery. He You knew he had We found out later down the line There was he didn't have feeling in a couple of his fingers. Huge nerve damage. Nerve damage. I mean, he was the Peyton Manning is the ultimate warrior. I mean, ultimate warrior after finding out everything that he went through And he was still able to play at that level. After everything that he went through. Nobody can ever question his heart. Nobody can ever questioned his heart. Peyton is going to the Hall of Fame. He's uh Got his speech ready to go, and, uh, he talked about whether or not he can keep it short. They're saying there's uh, like a blinking light at six minutes, maybe a little bell going off at seven minutes and eight minutes. They say that someone's got to come up and lead the applause to, uh, kind of in the speech. After me is never going to happen. It's going to happen because, uh, Talk to Steve Atwater about this extensively, because, um You know he was working on his timing as well because I think it's respectful the to give everybody their time and we don't get into these bouts where guys are getting A 15 or 20 or 30 minute speech. Um, you know time is It's precious on this this moment and I'm guaranteeing you pay to have it right around the eight minute mark. I talked about whether or not he's going to be able to thank everyone. Unfortunately, it's just not enough time to thank everybody. The good thing is for the past five years, either on a handwritten note or a phone call or in person. I've had a chance to thank the people personally. Which is always good. You always know that That's that's who he is. He also talked about the guy who's going to be presenting him. Um, he mentioned earlier his dad was his mentor. Maybe didn't volunteer a lot of the secrets unless he was asked, But his dad is the one who's going to be presenting him. You know, Dad will be there to kind of present me there on stage and I don't know if he gives me the jacket. I'm not sure how that works, but you know, having him As a part of this riding in the parade with me, That's uh, that's very special to me as well. And the last thing I'm happy for him for that, By the way, I am too happy for him. The last thing that he talked about was, uh On the Broncos taken a chance on him. And the reason that makes me smile is Um I mean, like, how could you not? They were the only really team that was that understood. I think what I was going through emotionally physically, and I think a lot of that is Elway. Yeah. And John? Uh You know, John dealt with some injuries his last few years with the Denver Broncos having the missed that, um Having to miss that 98 the 98 season with so many injuries, and Bubby Brister coming in and playing as much as he did I know that that bothered him that bothered him. He wanted to be healthy. And, uh And you know when, when you When you watch great players go through injuries and just being there to see it happen when you when you're there to see it happen and Um The disappointment. You know, I'm saying, you know, because You know, like John John John is that John is a warrior, right? He is a he is a football warrior. He would never turn it down. But when injuries happen, and they happen in football if you play football long enough, the right way you will get injured. Okay. I'm gonna say that again. If you play football long enough the right way you will get injured. And certainly John Elway play football the right way, and he played it for a long time. So when he got injured, it changed who he was as a player. And even though um, I want him back. I wanted him back for another. Another year or two. I thought we could have three Peter with John But he understood how to deal with those injuries. Much like Peyton was dealing with. It is interesting because a guy like that, and I think Peyton falls into the same category as John did. When they finally did walk away from the game and retire. They at least had the ability to to do it on on their own terms. They didn't have to be carried off the field and say, Hey, that was that was it that was the end of their career because of Of something bad happening to him. You know, like a lot of guys. A lot of guys leave this league because they had an injury that they couldn't come back from. Right. Um and and you know, it's your body is your tool, right? And eventually your tool breaks and when they're two breaks, you have to. You have to leave. And I just remember Peyton going through his last year here with the Broncos and how painful it was to watch that divorce happened from the Denver Broncos because I think they wanted to move on. Okay. I just think they wanted to move on. And go to Brock, Osweiler and Brock surprised everybody by signing in free agency to go to the Houston Texans. Nobody thought that broke would get the money that he got. He got the bad. Nobody got the bag. Nobody thought that he was going to get the money and I thought they just wanted to move on. And just let Brock have the team and and I think they were trying to say the Peyton at the same time, because remember earlier in that year, they asked Peyton to take a pay cut. The first time in his life. He took a pay cut. He earned it all back, but I think that was the beginning of them saying, Hey, we're going to move on. But Peyton finish like a champion on top, and he got a Super Bowl ring and his last game. So it didn't work out. You know, it's almost you know, it's almost Bitter sweet the way it happened because you got to know the end of workings of what they were trying to do. I will tell you and for Broncos fans to know, man. Alfred was not happy that that Elway didn't come back that last year because he thought they could have done I really thought we could have repeatedly come back, but I knew I saw him in the training room. I saw him hurt. You know, I Play with the guy and knew his dad. I knew the family. I just He was just hurt man. He was just hurting and Get it. I get it. I didn't like it, but I get it. All right. Our best bets of the night. Let's figure out how we're.

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