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The tone five thirty good afternoon I'm Monique Kobyla another sign that former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg will indeed be running for president Lindberg already started in the online ad campaign that tells people why they should vote for someone other than president trump in twenty twenty while he hasn't officially declared his candidacy he has now bought up commercial time on television stations in some of the markets where he's gotten himself on the democratic primary ballots advertising analytics a company that tracks ad buys said that Bloomberg is putting at least five million dollars and as much as ten million dollars in the TV ads which will begin airing within the next few days they include stations in Minnesota Colorado and California super Tuesday states as well as Florida Steve casting down for ten ten wins three it's forty six degrees right now and mostly clear in New York communities at fifty three percent winds northwest fifteen gusting to thirty miles per hour will have a full accu weather forecast coming up for you in just a minute right now winds news time five thirty one news from the ram trucks traffic center years Greg right well the southern state parkway west bound side get now towards corona Avenue a truck has sneaked onto the highway and knocks out the right lane as they figure out what to do with it the western southern state actor tougher Merrick Avenue east and jammed up from Franklin Avenue all the way on back towards route one ten L. lawyer he's been clean for queens and Nassau over to Suffolk past bagatelle road in the northern state he's been knoll kind a good all the way as far as Dix hills here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels on this gridlock alert day inbound side of the George not getting that much better thirty to forty five on the upper and upwards of thirty on the inbound lower no easy way out in fact north and he can stay is bad all the way on up toward the west two hundred thirty three were accident blocks away Lincoln close to an hour in a war out Holland we're looking at over an hour on the off and go even down sun Holland anyone you thirty from the sky way better from a V. a turnpike north down eastern first self at a western spur Messi Messi back on the turnpike traffic sponsored.

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