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As you're just simply stating facts as to what happened you're okay the second you start saying he steals cats this guy is a thief now you're open for defamation that's what i was asking you about defamation slander whatever because the judge never made a determination whether you're lying no he's me you believe yeah he effectively said there's liability on his part and for you to argue he gave me money because the defendant mr weasel took my cat see that's legitimate that's not defamation because you're okay just don't do generalizations that's all you have to be really careful about that now frankly is gonna sue you do people sue for defamation because they're call weasels on post on signs on telephone poles no but i'm just telling you what the rules are it's that simple corey why not hi cory welcome to handle on the law right joe weeks ago flickers your till flashed ironic and then i went to arizona to go to japan lee and i got twenty four hour bug and i look at my house growing up construct much of the hospital and they started pumping me with potassium because the pill that my doctor put me on took all the potassium out of my body so anyway my hospital they gave me my pain meds with my nightmares and i told them that i don't do that i don't take my pain as with my nightmares and they said it's your dose you can go ahead and take unlike all right and they followed my list i gave them but they didn't follow my advice so basically they overdosed me what happened to you as a overdose you what were your damages i woke up she's holding me down and that was it.

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