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News times 6 35. Well, as the nation remains deeply divided on gun rights and laws, the Supreme Court today struck down a New York licensing law restricting gun carrying rights. Lisa jaffe spoke with ABC's M win about the high court's decision and its far reaching implications. This is a major victory for gun rights groups and explain how the Supreme Court ruling has major implications for cities all around the country. Right, so in this case, the Supreme Court struck down a century old New York law, the required people to show proper cause to get a license to carry a concealed handgun outside of the home. And this opinion was 6 to three authored by justice clarence Thomas, the three liberal justices were dissented. Now, this means that almost immediately there's going to be at least 8 states, plus the District of Columbia, because they have what's called may issue concealed carry laws, which means the states can help regulate who has access to concealed carry. Again, in those states and specifically in this case, for New York, they needed to show proper cause. So you couldn't just get it depending on your zip code. And so this includes California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and of course, New York. This means they won't have any discretion over who carries a weapon around, they may be able to define gun sensitive locations like schools, but this is still something that leaders are now scrambling to figure out. And you know, this is particularly concerning for some as of right now because of this spike and gun violence that we've seen across the nation. And so limiting concealed carry could be the state's way of regulating who can carry a gun under their jacket, for instance. But in this case, this means that moving forward, it may be opening up the floodgates to a wave of new legal challenges nationwide. So while these may be the first few states to see some sort of difference, this definitely could be a difference across the nation. What might this mean as lawmakers are working on hammering out this bipartisan gun deal? I mean, it's very interesting. I was actually talking to some protesters right outside of the Supreme Court, of course, some one supporter said they felt like overall New York has had a limitation of their fundamental rights when it came to the citizens and whether or not they wanted to conceal carry. But another protester said, on one hand, while this is heartbreaking, it's also very ironic because Congress is trying to pass gun reform legislation at the same time. So it is quite ironic that in one case the Supreme Court, it seems that those regulations that states wanted to put to have this sort of gun control in their own states was getting taken away, but on this hand here at Capitol Hill, it seems as if senators are working towards some sort of gun reform. And so as of today, senators voted to end debate on the gun legislation Bill meant there was 15 Republicans who were actually voting with all Democrats. And so certainly it looks as if we are on a path towards passing gun reform legislation, which again is very contradictory to what we saw today at the Supreme Court. ABC's and win. Thank you, am. And we're getting more response into the Supreme Court's concealed Kerry ruling, ABC's Alex stone has the latest from Los Angeles. California's governor is calling the Supreme Court decision reckless and radical. Now he in California attorney general rob montes say new legislation is being introduced in line with the ruling that will limit where concealed guns can be carried in California and. The legislation will also clarify the qualifications for obtaining a concealed carry permit in California. The Bruin case reaffirmed that it is appropriate for states to require a concealed carry weapon permit. Also next week, governor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign 16 new gun bills in the law. Alex stone, ABC News. Los Angeles. 6 39 and an update on sports football fans more to husky legend and Hall of Famer Bill swords with details in this Beacon plumbing sports update. Few men have dominated the gridiron like Hugh mcelhenney and elusive running back and return man who did it all for the University of Washington in the 1950s. He was all coast and picked in the first round by San Francisco. The football legend nickname hurry and Hugh and the king died at his Nevada home last week, mcelhenney was 93. Rhonda Smith Ben Carroll, one of the great players in U Deb women's basketball history. Tonight or son palo Ben Carroll, the number one pick of the NBA draft, thoughts from the former O'Day high school in duke

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