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I can tell you right now. Including someone that I think a lot of people have been looking for for a long time to go ahead and finally break through the potential of Matthew Stafford who we've talked about Ad Nauseam over the past what four or five years now almost about being that next great quarterback and he just gives you that potential like like once or twice every year to say you know what I got to go ahead and make sure he's on my fantasy team more. I gotta go ahead and start him but he had another great weekend this past weekend so I ask you. My friend is Matthew Stafford who is available on a lot of waiver wires out. There is someone you need to pick up and izzy someone that feasibly really could start for a team that didn't do so well this past weekend well up until recently he was the number one paid quarterback in the NFL so they're paying him for reason. He's always it was the number one pick for a reason Matt Stafford a good quarterback. Matt Stafford has never been given the tools that he needs to be ultra successful. He's never for head a super great offensive line as far as pass protection goes they've gone into the season a few times expecting to have a top offensive line especially like three or four years ago bill when they were like clear-cut favorites to win the NFC Norris Division and didn't win it but I mean again like we said the Brownsville the browns land lines until proven otherwise it as a cubs fan I sympathize with the browns and lions I really do but I actually would take Matt Stafford especially because I think Golladay just so good and somebody's gotTa Feed Galaxy and it just so happens that Matt Stafford is the hand that feeds Golladay holiday you know and they do have a pretty decent running back on that team as well not a lot of depth there. They don't have golden tate anymore. They don't have Calvin Johnson. Johnson probably the best receiver of pure natural talent ever but yet the Golladay those I I mean I I really really like and the fact that they're going to be behind most of the time it helps out Matt Stafford so now I mean there's a lot of people who are rushing to pick guys like Josh Allen. Go ahead. You'RE GONNA cut him in in two weeks so we'll I want to ask you one last question on the waiver wire issues and and Dalton it by the way to ask you if you had a choice right now because I tell you what for for my leak. There's a lot of available quarterbacks out there that did really well over the past weekend but some of it could be fool's gold so I WANNA ask you. Are you buying on any of these names case keenum Marcus Mariota Andy Dalton or Josh Allen like you said he's had so many shot so many different places and he's always been mediocre so I'll pass Josh Allen. Maybe because I mean he's still younger right. He's not he's only is this third year. Am I missing. Something here leaves third yeah so I mean that's certainly possible that he takes the next step. He's got a good running back now. We talked about him earlier with single angled Terry Possible Josh Shallan. I cannot believe what I saw Andy Dalton. I also cannot believe that's going to be normal so I certainly would not you. You see me taking Andy Dalton. We know any Dalton. He is who we thought he was to use that line again cycle year for by the way for Josh Allen for Josh Allen Yeah so I mean that's the suggestion certainly a guy that you can look at especially if you're a dynasty or keeper league that he's probably available but I would certainly look at Josh Allen on as somebody who could make that big leap and second year of all the guys that are out there looking at some the list now darnold is useless Fitzpatrick's useless keenum. I think is is useless. The one guy who is questionable who's on a lot of waiver wires is Marcus Mariota so I mentioned before Marcus Mariota throws to my daughter's cousin so I want him to do well but I just don't I mean I wasn't that sold on Marcus Mariota College College. Just I mean it just didn't it just didn't it wasn't sexy to me for some reason sorta like Melvin Gordon. I don't really have a lot to base that on but but I just never liked him but then we've seen what had happened in his career and he's been a bad quarterback. I don't know what the hell happened in that game. I mean that game when I think that they were I had my confidence boy had Cleveland at number eleven now maybe I bought into the hype too much but Tennessee's not a good football team so could narrow to get you some garbage points sure but Subaru. You have to ask yourself. Who's going to be the better chance to if you definitely need need a quarterback. which at this point? I don't know why you need a quarterback this early because nobody got hurt this week. I I'm guessing. You're picking him up. As a speculative pick maybe of Dak or Lamar and you're not super sold yet so you're like yeah you know. Maybe one of these guys might be better in a few weeks and you may very well be right. I just don't think it's Andy. He Dalton and I don't think it's Marcus Mariota Alan on the other hand. What's the worst that could happen. Cut Him. You know so I would. I would lean towards Alan. I'm going to disagree with you slightly on that. Josh Allen has potential but I'M GONNA go with Andy Dalton reason why he's going to he's going to throw more. He's going to get more temps. Uber's he does have better receivers and he's GonNa get a lot of volume. If you're into volume. You're going to get a lot from him. Coming through for over four hundred yards folks this past weekend. Threw three touchdowns did fumble twice so that's kind of concerning to me and you're. GonNa see some interceptions from him you have do you have negative. Points is a big thing with Andy Dalton yeah so I mean but he he's scored twenty over the weekend so I think right now for me of that list probably go with Andy Dalton would be probably my best pick out of that bunch but if you're able to go ahead and get Stafford and he still reach reach for the waiver wire. That would probably be my first choice of them. I I would agree. I think Stafford over Dalton for sure Stanford over Allen for sure Stafford over Marietta data I think as well Oh yeah and Moses Moreno over Mariota until proven otherwise fair enough fair enough. My friend has been a great episode. Thanks so much again to control sixty for again asking some great questions out there. I cannot thank him enough. 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