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The program we're in the lady actually was like a rocket scientist for nasa and she went in search the world history and said what was the best approach to teach kids like what was the best system that she saw out there in the world that it has existed and the one schoolroom approach was the best approach to where all the kids the same age in the same room and you're you're regurgitating over information but yet the higher ones take it to another level i it's a beautiful thing kids the same age or kids of different ages different age yes that's very similar to the sudbury school that i was talking about earlier where the kids the students learn from one another rather than having to have some socalled experts coming in there and even in the really early years of the prussian particularly out west where i'm from i mean there are a lot of small communities that had a one room schoolhouse and that was sort of the initial transition to the mess we have now but it was at least to bring all the ages into one room and that's how it was taught now it's not a it's not a new idea no it's not it's not and so she actually just took that and kind of expanded on it a little bit another very interesting fact that your listeners will love his brain works the program we're with works with the brain of the child as they move forward so the first early ages in in a child's brain is nothing but memory they're not taking anything and doing anything with it they're not really understanding things so a lot of times these public schools are just wasting their time trying to get kids to understand and take it to kind of this dialectic phase the first phase is just memorization so we spend the first.

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