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We'll get his take on the all star selections. And if he thinks it's a bad thing to have the draft made public is going to draft guys. Eric Mangini continues to join us. What did you think of how Sean Payton coached in the NFC championship game? Some of the some of the play calling. Did you do you have any negative reaction to it? I thought overall he he did a good job. I thought Wade Phillips nice show of taking away some things that were problem in in the first game. And and he made some adjustments to what they're doing with with KOMO or out of the backfield. They started to push them out of the backfield. You know, the the call we we've all talked about the call over and over again, and I get it. And we've all been frustrated by calls that were either missed or made that affected our lives. But that's that's part of what happened and maybe they'll change the rule. The only concern I have is they had a chance to go win the game. They had kids play defense. Then they got the ball. I just like New England did and overtime. So they had a little bit higher percentage of an opportunity to win the game. And they didn't. And then they had a chance to play defense again. And the Rams kick a fifty seven yard field goal. So you just wonder if that call got everybody's so preoccupied with with that moment that they weren't able to move on to all the other moments that would have given given them opportunity to even have to worry about about the call. Look I've been critical, and I think other people have as well of not running the ball. First second third down to take away the chances for the Rams take away their timeouts. I know they checked out of a run. On first down and even the past which is a pass interference that boat. Wasn't that both onto the inside she'd been during the outside? He here's what I'll say about that is over and over again. We celebrate Coty takes chances. Remember in the Super Bowl kicked in onsite kid. He takes chances. So to criticize the guy for putting the ball in his best players head in drew Brees is hands any critical moment, I have a really hard time with and even if they'd run the ball three times, there's still would've met I think fifty seconds left in the first game. If they don't get a first down you are allowed to get a first down when you're on the football. You are and you're allowed to get stopped and you're allowed to get a penalty. And you're allowed a lot of bad things can happen. But in the first game there are twenty six seconds left in the first half. When the Rams got the ball back and they walked down and kick a field goal. So to say that they couldn't do that in fifty seconds. Well, that's not true. We we saw it happened in the first game. So I just I think it's very easy after the fact that say he should have done this. He should have done. That but he put the ball in his best players hands. He checked out of a bad play into a good play. And look they got a penalty. It should have been a penalty. So to criticize him for that. I I don't feel good about. I don't love the way things were handled after after eight moments fair. Breeze. Hasn't looked the same is have we reached that point with Brees? Or is it a year the attrition of a season? And that's what happens with older players. They wear down at the end of the year like it breathes was not nearly as dynamic end of the year as most people think breeze should be well, this this this offense was was shaped a little bit differently. They had two running backs that we're really effective. And it was it was almost run I approach, and I I didn't see breezes performance later in the year as as a as a decline, I think sometimes the the scheme dictates, you know, more running than than passing, and it may may look a little bit different than what we've expected from that offense. But I don't think it was different because his performance had declined substantially would you consider the Cowboys if you're Payton? Why I I don't know why you hit hit hit reset with a better younger roster..

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